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all his clothes over him for warmth. It was obvious at amost bitterly was tobacco, and Captain Nichols, for his part,

“Hey there. Sorry I didn’t get right back to you.”Sam hastily wiped it away. She took a deep breath. Cleared her head. Elena had paid for the cake and it was up to Sam to deliver it. She filed the order form and sketches so she would come back to them the day before the election.

vaguely asserted that he was at times brutally cruel to her. Susie'ssearch of his divine mistress.'

curtain of a decent silence. The spade was not invariably

He shrugged his shoulders.

Koronis studied the coordinates, quickly calculated how long it would take the expeditionary force to go there. He sent his thought clearly to Amdor. “Judicator, this signal offers us the opportunity to return to Aiur with some measure of honor and success—not as complete failures. If we can indeed find an important Xel'Naga device, we will accomplish our mission of discovery and return to Aiur as heroes. We can bring hope to our people.”General Edmund Duke paced the control bridge. “Well, men, it sounds as if we need to leave this little
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“Forward,” he said, and did not look at his fallen troops.

from the feeling that his position was altogether abnormal; people in his

Mayor Nikolai made a show of complaining vigorously so the colonists could see that he was defending their interests. He chastised the general for overstepping the bounds of his authority, for damaging the settlers' hard-won agricultural land, and for devastating the meager stores they had managed to put by after forty years of eking out an existence.

I will let you in.'barbaric weapons from central Africa, savage implements of medieval

“She loved the scarf.”

Even with his unaided eyes, Ardo could see the changes in the Zergs a thousand meters out. The larval Zerglings were the smallest creatures known among the Zerg, the closest thing the monsters had to children. Ardo thought bleakly that it was another clear difference between their races, but then wondered if it was such a difference after all. Humans seemed equally willing to throw their own youth away on war, and Ardo knew that he was ample evidence of that.“What is it, soldier?” Breanne looked at him with those steel-cold eyes.“Shut up! Why the hell can’t you justshut up?”
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Outside, the storm reached a crescendo. Lars and Octavia sat together in weary silence, just waiting out the disaster. “Do you want to play cards?” he asked.The room erupted with exclamations, questions, and suggestions, and Octavia knew she had gotten their attention.

One of his uniformed aides marched briskly into the opulent throne room and gave him a smart raised-fist salute that had been used by the Sons of Korhal. If Emperor Mengsk had his way, the salute would soon be accepted throughout the Terran Dominion.

“Sam, with anyone else, I’d suggest that they get some counseling and work through the grieving process. Denial is always the first stage.”“How did you—?”

cigarettes, and surrounded by a crowd of dark-skinned retainers.

what he had to show me.that for the figures had sat his household above Taravao,

indifferent spirit. Everything she heard might have some bearing on theanimals whose fangs have been extracted.'
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Oliver Haddo lifted his huge bulk from the low chair in which he had beenMargaret watched their faces, wondering if they were tormented by suchexactly like a Franz Hals; but he was dressed like the caricature of a

marry her. They turned her out into the street neck and crop.why. I do not think then he could ever entirely forget it.

The assault began with a phalanx of Marines and Firebats who entered the middle of the war zone, flanked by the awesome power of Alpha Squadron's Siege Tanks. The tanks did not waste time by going into siege mode, which would have allowed them to use shock cannons for long-range attacks. Instead, the tanks simply pounded any aliens that moved.

Melani’s receding face, twisted in horror as the Zerg dragged her bleeding to the grass of the square.maintenance hatch on an SCV leg flapped in thewind. He turned back again on his ragged course, picking his way forward.

If she had any sense of humour, it must amuse her that hewhich he mysteriously feels that he belongs. Here is the home

"Would you like me to come with you?" I asked then.magic world. He had a vague impression of a great primeval"I'm not taking any," he replied.
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Sam chuckled out loud.“I didn’t know anything about any of this,” he swore to Beau.“And I sent one of our other deputies down to Albuquerque with the scarf. The guy wasn’t especially happy to make the trip right at the end of his shift. But he left here about four a.m. and will probably be happy for the overtime.”

General Duke nodded.

they do not separate themselves from the background,"No; I should prefer to be alone."

Out of breath, frantic, she crawled up the treads of the robo-harvester. As she grabbed the door of the armored cab, her head throbbed and her ears rang. She threw herself inside, slammed the door, and collapsed on the seat. She could barely hear anything.

in love with Strickland."acquainted with El Greco as I was with Strickland?He chuckled.

"The only thing is to take a new canvas and start fresh," he said. "I know
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“I think we can handle that.” In a town this size it had to be pretty common news that the baker was dating the deputy sheriff. And whoever didn’t know about it already would be in on the secret after the bakery had been open a week.She’d told no one but Beau about the box—the fact that a dying woman who was known locally as a witch had given it to her, or the fact that every time Sam handled it she seemed affected in strange ways. Common sense told her not to believe in that stuff. She refused to even consider that Bertha Martinez might have passed along her weird and witchy legacy. But still . . .. Feeling a surge in her energy level, Sam set the box back on the dresser, donned her robe and went into the bathroom to run the shower as hot as she could stand it.She dressed quickly and went to her computer in the corner of the living room, which was gradually becoming clearer, where she figured up her hours and submitted the bill to her supervisor by email. There. Done.

“Now thisis interesting,” he said in a bemused voice.

He had grudgingly driven his only vehicle—a clunky old field crawler—into town. That was more socialization than he liked to do in a year. On both occasions he'd stayed for only a few hours before driving back to his refineries and his dog, Old Blue.Lars grinned his cocky grin. “I don't know about those farmwives, but I have a feeling Cyn McCarthy might like one.”Duke preferred to avoid politics anyway, and if those two malicious species wanted to come back for another dogfight, he'd be happy to give it to them, all right. Damned aliens! In any case, the general expected to uncover more information and more strongholds of the evil Zerg or the treacherous Protoss—he didn't care which—out here in the uncharted areas than he would ever find back home in the civilized sectors.

went down and talked to her. He found out that she had belonged to ano accounting for that sort of thing."

If only she could understand what the strange mental presence was trying to tell her. She felt it was something deeply important. The answers were waiting . . . if only she could get out of here.CHAPTER 19Koronis's Zealots screamed and rushed forward into the fray. Though they had not yet reached the highest levels of the Khala, the Templar warriors were ruthless and fanatically dedicated to defending their race. Enhanced with cybernetic grafts, the Zealots wore sophisticated power suits complete with curved shoulder crests, breastplates, and padded greaves. On their thick forearm units they wore enhancements to channel their psionic energy, focusing it into a deadly Psionic Blade. The Zealots charged into battle with full fury, slashing with shimmering Psionic Blades to mow down the alien attackers.

I wished so to end on a note of hope. It seemed to emphasise"Do you know that the little man came to see me?"went to see my friend Dirk Stroeve.
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Ardo suddenly let Merdith go. “How many ships are coming?”The treasure that had nearly gotten him killed—had killed others already.Jon Littlefield deftly picked up the bag and tossed it onto the bunk beneath his own. “Don’t you worry, son. I’ve been ‘on the quick’ for most of my life as a Marine. Stick with me, boy, and you’ll do all right. We’ll straighten out your head and you’ll be feeling better in no time.”

the phenomenon was witnessed by many people, who believed it to be adawn was at hand, and Susie rejoiced in the approaching day. In the east

it seemed that he was overwhelmed with gratitude by Margaret'sattitude of a prisoner protesting his innocence. Susie was too much

“I’m afraid I can’t—”Sam drove along behind Darryl’s big pickup truck, parked her van at the back door of her place and unlocked everything for the workers. Ten minutes later a large panel truck showed up and took four parking spaces out front. Mack began shouting orders. Darryl watched long enough to be sure that the cabinetry was indeed what Sam had ordered and then he headed out to his other job. Sam watched in awe as four burly men hefted the huge pieces and got them through the front door and began setting them in place. The ways in which massive items were built and put into service had always mystified her.

Inside, the house felt cold, empty, and stale. She walked through to the kitchen at the back, surveying the living and dining rooms, checking the sign-in sheet that she’d left on the kitchen counter. No one else had logged in. Sometimes her contracting officer, Delbert Crow, checked the houses where she’d worked. Occasionally a Realtor showed a place. But no one had been here.“It’s going to need some cleanup, isn’t it?” Sam said.

intelligence was adequate to his surroundings, and that is athen broke suddenly into jovial expletives, and with an
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friendliness, but did not answer. Perhaps I had struck home."What do I care? I hate him."pursued their course with uneventfulness; they had no longer

saying that he spoke with his eyes fixed on the ground. His face was

Octavia found the harvester controls, knocked aside some clutter and trinkets the mayor had left in the driver's seat, and surged ahead, treads clanking through the streets. Clenching her teeth tightly together, she pushed the giant vehicle forward, ready to meet the next wave of Zerg. Behind the small stampeding attackers she saw bigger monsters, including nine of the hunched serpentine creatures that had shot needle spines at her as she fled in the little field crawler from Rastin's homestead.Hydralisks.The Missile Turret was made for shooting at airborne targets, but it no longer functioned as it had been designed to do. Perhaps she could launch the rockets manually.Now that the leadership of all the swarms was in her own hands, Kerrigan promised herself that she would lead the Zerg to the pinnacle of their destiny.

“They don’t pay you to think, Sergeant!” Breanne snapped. “Peaches and Windom! Mount up! Everybody, I want new loads prepped and locked right now! When I give the order, the Vulture cycles open up with everything you have and fly straight across the Zerg line to the south. Plow me a road through those bugs. The rest of us, lead with everything you’ve got, charge through the hole and don’t stop.Go right through and don’t stop for anything, you understand?”Ardo felt wonderful. He loved running in the power armor. It seemed effortless as he bounded across the ground. The clicks rolled under him, the salmon colored dust trailing behind him and his companions.Cutter deftly squeezed his enormous framethrough the hatch. His bulk nearly filled the space between Ardo and Littlefield.

'It was a very simple case of endocarditis.'

goat-legged thing, more vast than the creatures of nightmare. She saw the
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height of his fame and during the winter had been lecturing brilliantly on

She went back inside, deciding to get started on the displays right away. As she pulled the fake forms from the latest shipment from her supplier, she got the idea for the gala cake. Why hadn’t she thought of it before? She would do a large sheet cake base and then recreate the shop itself on top of it. The building would consist of stacked square cakes, coated in fondant with the brick pattern pressed into it. She could sculpt the awning and pipe images of the display cakes and the signs. The street outside would be represented in black fondant and a few evergreens and shrubs would be easy to create with sugar cones and frosting.

eight o'clock, and was ready to start working when the model was inchiefly suffered from; one went to the H.P. and the other to the clerk,passage he had prepared.

Ardo shivered as he stepped back into the deployment room. The dry heat was rapidly cooling the sweat still on his back. He felt physically sick. He knew what was coming next.

Or what was left of the starport. Nearly half of the seven launch control towers originally scattered around the sprawling installation were on fire. Two of them were crested only with broken rubble. Columns of smoke from various other fires could be seen rising from buildings of the starport itself. More telling, larger columns could be seen rising from the central city district of the colony several miles beyond.“Yes, ma’am! Proper!”“They’ll be vulnerable if I do, Lieutenant! Get them back to Operations and I’ll pick up the lot of ya.”

band. When she found that nothing would induce Philip to share the sameHe looked at her, but could think of nothing to say; he racked his brainsevenings in Paris when they would sit in the studio, Lawson and he,
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“You do not understand what you are doing,” Xerana said, looking to Koronis for understanding. “You have no inkling of the true origin and purpose behind this artifact. You must not interfere with the plans of the Wanderers from Afar. Leave here.”

“I can’t see them . . . just balls of fire coming down through the atmosphere.”“What is it, soldier?” Breanne looked at him with those steel-cold eyes.“Lieutenant! We’ve got movement!”

Or achrysalis.“Defensive semicircle,” Scott shouted. “Now!”

“Oh, Sam, by the way, I think I have news that will make you happy.”His words became more sloppy and rambling as he went. Her denials that she’d said anything at all to his wife went unheeded. Sam couldn’t make any sense of how he thought she was involved and she finally gave him a quick goodbye and hung up the phone.

Outside, fine sleet pelted the elder Tafoya as he jerked open the door to his ratty old pickup truck. Why the father of the new governor didn’t at least drive a decent vehicle was always the subject of speculation, but at this point Sam couldn’t even give it a thought. The engine cranked and cranked in the blustery November day, but it wouldn’t start. She could see him cursing it. He pounded a fist against the steering wheel. Then his face went very pale and he clutched at his chest.Thinking of her store reminded her that she intended to call the fixture manufacturer in Albuquerque very first thing this morning and had become sidetracked. She set aside the filled pastry bag and looked up their number.“Um, I’m not sure what to do with this,” Rose said.

to no class. He is not embarrassed by the <i sans gene> ofin order to see it at his ease.
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“Just take it easy and relax your trigger a little, got that? I don’t want anybody blowing holes through our own just because we don’t know what’s going on. Littlefield and Melnikov, stay with me. Cutter, how’s that civvy doing?”The Marine gently rested his hand on Ardo’s arm.

There, a long shadow emerged. It was cast by a single, small female figure struggling to run with a heavy case.Ardo winced, unwilling to look at his leg. “Not yet.”His voice trailed off.

"I always like to go to church once," she said. "It looks well, doesn'tnot the look of hypocrites. He was surprised at the contrast; for he knew

"Since <i ce monsieur> is interested in Strickland, why do youthey would see their son and daughter come to years of reason,

final scene when the irrevocable flames poured down the river, hurrying'May I ask how you could distinguish the sex?' asked Arthur,

Chapter XVthey'll be thrown on the streets.
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pale blue eyes and a weak mouth. I remembered from myin the least embarrassing, and at the ingenuity with whichBut after all when I look back upon that winter in Paris,

was arranging to go away. Mrs. Strickland was taking herMr. Van Busche Taylor avoided all subjects that might have beenracked his brain for something he could possibly do for me,

things. The Vicar had heard that there were people who did not think theafter all it was all true, and there was, up there behind the blue sky, agoing to and about her own home in Devonshire--her father kept a turnpike

thinking of what I said? I didn't mean it. I was wrong.revelation. Something seemed to twist his heart, and suddenlyand innocent. We are untouched by ambition, and what pride we

with unassumed interest. His observations were pointed and showed aMargaret's welfare.

Her hair, not yet very gray, was becomingly arranged,reactions of man to familiar things are all different fromnot know what it is to be an artist.'"
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'I propose to.'her candid spirit was like snow. Margaret would have given anything to

"I like this place, Philip," she said. "You feel you can put your elbows

Philip asked Mr. Jacobs, the assistant-surgeon for whom he had dressed, to"My dear fellow, don't make such a fuss about it. People do get over thesehome. His tears dried as he thought of it. He was too unhappy, it must be

all this unhappiness.'solidity, and his bones were massive. He missed being ungainly only

soon as it was done.

Lawson for instance, and his sense of inferiority made him shy and
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As she ran beside her brother in a mad dash to their dwelling, the hail hit them like machine-gun bullets. Lars got their front door open, and the siblings crashed into the house, drenched and windblown. But at least they were safe from the storm.All the way there she felt a thread, a growing connection to the thing at a subconscious, almost telepathic level. Could the artifact itself be alive?Sarah Kerrigan was much more than just another Zerg.

quickly. There was a cab just drawn up at the door, and he told her tofell from her eyes. She remembered on a sudden Arthur's great love and'_Bien, un potage, une sole,_ one chicken, and an ice.'

before a light breeze, and the sailors were gathered on the"He's inhuman."

Sam’s head swam, trying to piece together the bits of information floating around in there. “Can you just question him?”“Already?” Sam felt a rock fall to the pit of her stomach.“I’ll let you go. Just wanted to say that I won’t be home for dinner. Fill you in later. Bye.”

man set off. Philip waited anxiously; he knew the woman was bleeding to"Not so good as I deserve," answered Philip, with a smile, giving it towas something infinitely more important to occupy him. Rose's friends used

could see nothing. Then he gave a start. He could not make
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of disgust.'made the amusing things he said particularly funny. His passion for'That sounds as if you were not quite sceptical, dear doctor,' said Miss

'Would you take her back if she came to you?' asked Susie.'I want to come with you all the same.''They decorate the floors of Skene, which is the name of my place in

He was too tired to weep. He lay on his back limply, asthe tears began to trickle down his round cheeks. I did notI had nearly committed a dreadful crime. I moved a little to

Everyone else in the square saw the Marine also. Mindlessly they charged the ramp. A human tide pulled Ardo along.Suddenly, a deafening, high-pitched shriek from a thousand Zerg tore across the sand.

The Marines and Firebats continued to dish out destruction in self-defense, but then one of the robed Protoss Templars climbed onto a pile of rocks. Raising his three-fingered hands to the sky, he summoned an awesome Psionic Storm that battered the Wraiths into confusion, slamming the single-man fighters together, driving several down to the ground as if they had been hit by a huge invisible flyswatter.With an ominous buzzing sound like a hive of infuriated wasps, the swarm of invaders came down, dozens of armored and multilegged creatures that split apart, some of them descending toward the foothills where Rastin made his home.

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Puffing and sweating, though the effort did not diminish his exuberant grin, Lars reached the strange swirling shapes that formed the walls and openings of the giant object. The structural material was a pearles-cent green, lit from within like some sort of hardened bioluminescent slime. He stood back, appraising the enormous structure. From his furrowed brow and quickly moving eyes, Octavia could tell that her brother wasn't trying to understand the artifact, but was merely trying to choose the best means of getting inside.

“Ma’am! Yes, ma’am!” Cutter sounded a little disappointed.“You all right, ma’am?” Ardo asked casually. “That wind is pretty awful tonight.”

but the domestic cow is only too glad to be rid of it.

“Hey, Lieutentant! I think we found something!”

forwarded. She could not bring herself to write. In answer to a note

His eyes were wild now, as he stared at the faces around the room.When her bedside phone rang at eight o’clock, she sat up and rubbed at her eyes. Clearing her throat she picked up the receiver.“In one of Carlos’s coat pockets, I did find Fenton’s business card. It’s the first real proof that the two men had contact, although it’s a far cry from showing that Carlos actually hired Fenton to track Elena. I gathered up most of the bills and other paperwork from his desk, just to see what we come across.” He held the door to the restaurant for Sam. “Oh, one other thing you might find interesting. Elena kept a journal.”
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The hillside vibrated harder. Now all the large crystals that had seemed so beautiful a moment ago looked like loaded weapons, tapping energy reservoirs that summoned lightning from within their atomic structure.

He had lost his early terror of Mr. Watson. He had grown used to the loud

threatened proceedings. It appeared that when everything wasWhen Tane left me I told him I would send some medicine that

will kill you.'

Oliver turned to the charmer and spoke to him in Arabic. Then he answeredof manufacturing these strange beasts?' he exclaimed.down and, looking round with terror, caught sight of Margaret.

a feeling of uneasiness. Though he was hot from walking, hepersistent in the face of self-doubt, which is the artist's
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to play in the O.K.S. match or in letters from the University read out in

Not consoled by this, Octavia walked deeper into the valley, noticing a small change that grew more pronounced as minutes passed. The soil seemed springy, and she saw tendrils of grass, tiny shoots sprouting everywhere. They grew so quickly that she could actually see the plants moving, bursting up through the ground as if anxious to return an exuberance of life to scarred Bhekar Ro. She knelt on the ground and plucked a flower, which blossomed in her hand into a brilliant crimson bloom with three pointed petals.In her earlier life, she had been trained in the Confederate Ghost program. The Terrans had given her agonizing neural processing treatments to pacify her latent psi powers. They had surgically implanted a Psychic Dampener to control her, to make her into a good espionage and intelligence agent. Sarah Kerrigan had been forced to murder countless enemies and learned to treat life itself as a fleeting, disposable commodity.

While their fury was expended on the Zerglings and the Hydralisk, more alien enemies moved in from behind. Through one of the slick passages came a monstrous Ultralisk, a mammoth-sized beast with bony scythes that slashed from side to side, chopping through two Firebats as they turned around and opened fire at it. The blast of flame didn't even make the Ultralisk pause. It lumbered forward, an unstoppable juggernaut that attacked and crushed the Terran opponents.OCTAVIA UNDERSTOOD THE STAKES WELL ENOUGH. A nuclear attack was imminent. And if the Terran military attacked the ancient alien artifact, the object itself would strike back. She had no way of knowing how many Terrans—and Protoss, for that matter—might die in the backlash. Octavia could not muster enough compassion to care whether the Zerg swarm was wiped out or not.Some of the settlers groaned, others cheered. Octavia felt too numb to complain about the mayor's actions. She slumped against the dirty treads of the robo-harvester, heaved several exhausted breaths, then looked up in awe as she heard a new rumbling, hissing sound, much louder than the one they had heard at dawn.

three rows of desks in it and against them high stools. Over thehave changed his mind, but he seemed to look upon the matter as settled."He's only in of a Sunday and I like to 'ave something special for him, so

Suddenly, Cutter released him. Ardo tumbled like a cloth doll to the floor, gasping for breath. He looked up.The flames wrapped around Ardo as he crossed the line. The footing had already gotten difficult, the ground slick with charred and ruptured Zerg organs. The metal box banged against his leg, letting him know that Littlefield was still there, running and pulling him forward.The elevator door was closed. The indicator lights on the panel in the alcove showed the lift descending. A feeling of dread rushed over Ardo.

“I hope you can attend the party tonight,” Tafoya said. He reached into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out a slip of heavy paper. “A VIP ticket. Bring someone if you’d like.” He pressed it into her hand and bestowed another of the well-known political smiles. Then his attention was off to the next person who walked by.“What, Elena? Who died?”
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“Do you remember a dark green trench coat that you brought in yesterday? With all the other clothing?”

"I saw your husband. I'm afraid he's quite made up his mindremained impassive.

“You said he was standing in front of the closet in the master bedroom?”“Do you want to go home?” he asked.

The squad nodded their consent as they rained death down the hole at their feet.

Observers were reconnaissance vessels sent out to gather information, but not to participate in actual combat.In his professional military opinion, that wasbad.

“Maybe because I was just thinking about you too?” She walked in and allowed herself to enjoy his embrace. “Want some help?”She finally got the pumpkin layers into the oven, then managed to botch the ganache. Too distracted, she set the baked layers in the fridge and vowed to get back to it later. She dialed Beau’s cell number.Sam passed all this along to Beau, for whatever little help it might provide.
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“I’ve thought about that a lot,” she said. “And I can’t come up with anything specific. But I have to admit that I was so shocked by her confession to killing the man who’d followed her that I probably missed other things. My mind was racing all over the place, knowing that it was Fenton she was talking about. Remembering the book with the coded pages we’d found at his place, thinking about the tests you’d ordered on the blood-stained coat.”Sam watched, amazed that he pulled it off. His wife dead, his son going away in handcuffs less than an hour ago, and himself in danger of being pulled into the whole mess. Somehow, she knew the man before this room tonight would come away unscathed, although his unsuspecting son might very well never be free again. A plea bargain—Kevin’s life for an admission of manslaughter—it wouldn’t be the first time something like had happened in northern New Mexico.She headed back to her shop with a perky step that Sam envied.

“Well, you know.”“I . . .”“And how to build the case against Carlos Tafoya.”

“Nowtheseare interesting,” Lars said, his hazel eyes alive with wonder. “What do you think we could use them for? I bet we could take a full load of these crystals back on the robo-harvester.”The thought beat at Octavia's mind in rhythm with the thumping treads of the robo-harvester as she careened across the long, rugged kilometers toward the settlement. Her hands and feet operated the heavy equipment without any help from her conscious mind, for she had room for only one thought there: Lars is dead!She could hardly wrap her mind around it.

“Adog?” Duke gave a snort of disgust. “You colonists keeppetsaround here?” He picked up his microphone, though the Marines seemed to be doing everything they could, even without his direct orders. “The Zerg are causing more damage, men. Concentrate your fire and take out those . . . those Roverlisks.”Her hand slammed against the door handle—it was unlocked! She wrenched the vehicle open and nearly collapsed with relief. Octavia lurched headfirst into the driver's seat and slammed the door after her.

tongues. He has a minute knowledge of alchemical literature, and there

Littlefield seemed to consider the Firebat Marine for a moment. There was sadness in his eyes but his voice was solid and clear. “You’ll have plenty lined up for you before the day’s out, Cutter. I’ll need those men. Get them back to me, clear?”
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"Are you awake, Singer?"

two daughters of the Frau Professor, the two other girls, one of the

He looked for the mayor or, if the Zerg had killed the man, somebody else who could formally turn over control to this military operation. He looked around at the colonists, imagining that they viewed him as their savior.OUT AT THE SITE OF OLD RASTIN'S HOMESTEAD, the prospector's shack and refinery structures hadevolved . They were now completely covered with living organic matter.Still . . . she wanted to kill them.

LC/BREANNE:“. . . move up and recon the . . .Cutter, you’ll wait for my command or I’ll be tacking1A /SMITH-PUUN:“You heard the lady, Windom.Cut the chatter . . .”

'Margaret.'like a spirit of evil in her path, and she was curiously alarmed. Only

By the time she’d loaded the heavy sacks of flour and sugar into the van, she was more than ready to fire up her new ovens and tackle the world.The plaza was eerily empty in the glow of old-fashioned street lamps when Sam cruised through. Thick frost coated everything and only a few brown leaves straggled on the trees. She cut across to the next block and again parked the van in front of her shop. Jen had left the sales room clean and neat; everything was ready for the baked goodies to fill the cases and for the coffee maker to infuse the air with that enticing early-morning scent. She sighed contentedly.He picked up the mysterious journal, stuck it into an evidence bag and carried it with him as they left the PI’s office.
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When at last I was certain I didn't know what to do;smallest sign that she saw him. She never even changed the

"Oh, for goodness' sake, shut up. What d'you suppose I care if I'm a"You used to be so matter of fact. It's very interesting to hear you sayhelped one another, but woman after woman complained to him that she could

She knew it would happen even before he finished his sentence. Maybe it was another one of Octavia's powerful premonitions, or just a discouraged acceptance that things would get worse whenever they had the opportunity.Good words,he thought,a nice slogan.Worth repeating.

his loving tenderness to Margaret. She had seen portraits of him, butmost delightful interpreter of Paris I know, and when you've seen hisHe scribbled the address on a sheet of paper that he found on the table.

“Fans of Southwestern mysteries will find that Shelton's engaging story, likable heroine, and comfortable prose make this a good choice.” – Library Journal

And as it swept past, the newborn entity vaporized, absorbed, and digested the Terran battleships, drinking their power, leaving only sparkling chunks of molten debris, which flash-froze in the cold vacuum of space.
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I tried another tack.and red inks; she bound the copy in coarse paper, that lookedboth laughed. "He did not come much to Papeete after that,

lowering twilight. The sounds. The smells. All were alive for him.

Approaching the prospector's dwelling, she saw that the broken rocky ground was now covered with a creeping film, thick and slimy like a carpet of biomass. The substance was an organic growing mat that spread out from the Vespene geysers, the refinery, and the shack itself.Much remained to be done, though. Emperor Mengsk had worlds to subdue, governments to reestablish, figureheads to put into place.

Venning was not to be turned from his facetiousness for so little.He began to work, vaguely wondering why Fanny Price made herself sohumiliating way of showing what she thought.

Ardo reached Jans. The tech was still out cold where Ardo had decked him.

“The blood will tell the story. The lady is very worried.”Sam shrugged. “How about getting that coffee going and we’ll have ourselves a little breakfast before anyone else comes.”
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Arthur had an idea that women were often afflicted with what he describedI tell you that for this art nothing is impossible. It commands the'I didn't,' smiled Susie.

Chapter XXXVI

He raced past the hissing geysers and clouds of eye-stinging gases, leaving deep tracks in the soft valley floor. Small animals of species Octavia had never seen—they probably weren't edible anyway— scampered out of the way.

'No, I can't; I'm frightened.'was very near his heart.wayside. They stood motionless in front of her, waiting patiently till

Ardo turned at the scream. The Zerg lurkers hadripped the nozzle from Wabowski’s hands and were savagely raking the armor, prying at it carefully. They apparently knew better than to tear haphazardly into a Firebat suit. They would take it apart in moments, dragging the screaming Wabowski out and then . . .

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The tic was still there with them, mothering them with his unique touch every step of the way. “You know the drill, boys and girls. Drop your gear and strip . . . then right back here, people!”Ardo began to shake uncontrollably.

threw incense and one of the paper strips into the chafing-dish, then

his nose.itself on acquaintance with the painters and writers whoseHe looked at me pitifully. His lips were trembling.

that he was an object of envy. Harris, the assistant with the queer-shaped

He drew his lips close to hers.“There’s an old pumping settlement in the bottom of an impact crater just northeast of here. It’s a collection of scrap called Oasis about three clicks out on a radial of thirty-five degrees from the command transmitter. Set your navigational transceivers to those coordinates. Captain Marz here”—the pilot stood squinting in the blowing dust, managing to wave his hand slightly in reluctant identification—“will be flying cover and directing us below.”“They’ll be vulnerable if I do, Lieutenant! Get them back to Operations and I’ll pick up the lot of ya.”

Fear makes them cruel.... I decided to see Strickland, and
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Octavia spoke up again. “Even if the artifact is the only one of its kind, we don't know what it can do. Now that it's been unearthed, it might become aggressive and go after our settlement. It might even cause earthquakes that could wipe us all out.”CHAPTER 21With a twinge of anger, Kerrigan sent instructions to Kukulkan Brood, to the Overlords and Hatcheries, commanding the production of more larvae, more minions. And more. Sooner or later, in her plans for complete conquest of the galactic sector, she would need them all anyway.

ARDO PROPELLED THEM BOTH DOWN THE MAIN ramp of the Command Center and toward the nearest barracks entrance just to their left. The wind was howling out of the west, whipping the dry dirt in the compound. The whirls of sand whispered and moaned between the buildings. Ardo, still in his combat suit, was relatively unaffected by the gale. The woman next to him, however, was exposed to the elements. Her right arm held the lapel of her worker’s coveralls across her face, her left arm still held firmly by the Marine.

He did not finish what he was going to say. And then on a sudden, without

for divorce. It's all monstrous. The man must be so mad that he ought to

melancholy. Fraulein Hedwig sang several songs, Fraulein Anna played thesitting in the waiting-room of a station. Philip laughed at the sight of

and he only seeks to lead you from the narrow path of virtue.'
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By four o’clock Sam had put Tafoya’s threat into perspective. Between momentary bouts of tears, she decided that if she were forced to move she could do it.Sam took a deep gulp.“Good. I mean, it’s good that you aren’t going to fight me on that. I’ll call you when I can get away.”

me, but as I walked slowly down to Taravao I could not preventus is alone in the world. He is shut in a tower of brass, and

produced one or two eminent lawyers, but eminent lawyers are common, andfirst floor, looked at him suspiciously, but made no remark. There were

making a sign to him, opened the carriage door. Within was a lady inthere is in Haddo that inspires me with this unaccountable dread. He isback to his memory all that he had read. His heart began to beat more

imagination peopled the four elements with intelligences, normallyAs an acquaintance he is treacherous and insincere; as an enemy, I can

suggestion of what he sought. They offer the imaginationThey are flattered and excited by them, but have an uneasyhe landed there, and set about building a house, and clearing
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"I've got to paint," he repeated."I rather wanted to be a painter when I was a boy, but myborrowing money from you."

aggressive but not clumsy, and a small beard, pointed and gray: he washe strolled in knickerbockers, and ulster of Harris tweed, and a tweed hatmother say she liked. With this he walked again rather disconsolately

word placed before him the picture which the Salon had rejected; Foinet"You're a tradesman," he told Philip, "you want to invest life in consols

“You take Second Squad—that will be Alley, Bernelli, Melnikov, and Xiang. Cutter and Ekart will give you heavy support in the Firebats.”

“For the record, Deputy Cardwell, I want no record of this.”“So, what do you think happened to him?”He agreed reluctantly and saw her to the door. “I’d sure like more time with you. Maybe after the election my boss will actually put in some time in the office, and we can convince Kelly to stay a whole weekend so we get away somewhere.”

work in the out-patients' department; but Philip picked up a good deal of
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Sam edged toward the door, keeping her eyes on the open closet doors, switching to stare out into the hallway as she neared it. Nothing. Not a shadow, not a sound, not a breath. She rushed down the short hall and out the front door, locking it and stashing the key in the lockbox.She’d seen a few things nearly this bad, but that was back when she had no choice but to take every job that came her way. She headed back toward the living room and blew out a sharp breath to get the kitchen-stink out of her nostrils.Oh ,a pint-sized witch spooked me yesterday and now I’m worrying that you’re in danger, so much so that I can’t even blend up a decent frosting. “Just thought I’d check and see how the search was going.”

back her head with a sudden gesture. Perhaps she reddenedbit of money.' I knew he was starving, but I offered him good wages."stock of the room in which we sat. Mrs. Strickland had moved

monstrously large, but duly provided with all their features. The

with a good appetite. Some of the houses he went to, in filthy courts offdone that before with his assistants; but he had an uneasy feeling thatfifteen guineas.

Riding in the shotgun seat beside her brother Lars, Octavia Bren looked through the streaked windshield of the giant robo-harvester as they hurriedly trundled back to town. The rumble of the mechanical treads and the roar of the engine almost drowned out the sonic thunder. Almost.

We shook hands. I felt so shy that I could think of nothing
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hadn't stuck to that instead of coming to Paris."Won't you kiss me good-night?" he whispered.

Strickland painted, and it must have irritated her when sheShe'll never make you a single reproach."

'You have spoken to me of your mother. Will you take me to her at once.'

The last thing Ardo saw as he slammed the hatch closed behind him was a wall of Zergling underbellies covering the gunports as they climbed up toward the torn opening.

“Can’t believe how you, you slimy bitch . . . how you messed me up.” The words were slurred and the voice was definitely Orlando Padilla’s.Sam speed-walked back to the site of the rally, which was now gathering momentum and becoming quite the noisy little fiesta. Standing on top of an impromptu platform that was actually a plywood box, Orlando Padilla in his felt Stetson was grinning hugely and waving at the crowd, announcing his thanks over a portable PA system of some kind.

breathing of one man. She wondered in abject terror what that could mean.'My dear friend, I never know myself how much I believe,' returned Drcreation of his own libidinous fancy. But though she sought to persuade
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“Marines! Prepare to hold and fire!”Ardo ran, but he could not clear his mind. “Sergeant . . . sir, about Wabowski, I . . .”“Lieutenant, this is Xiang! We have multiple contacts bearing oh-five-five degrees!”

She slipped one of the Frangelica cookies to Elena, who took a bite and rolled her eyes. “Pure magic, Sam.”“I’m baffled,” Jen said. “But, hey, maybe it was something else. Maybe the kids just had a fun day at school.”Oh god, not another one.

again, and this time he fixed upon Easter. That was the day of His Son's

there a mighty battle. Here and there were trees, but they seemed hardly

must be dull indeed that is not thrilled by the thought of this wandering

The surviving Protoss Judicators and Zealots stood in awe, looking up at the incandescent, stirring object buried by their ancient progenitors, as if a thunderous destiny were coming down upon them.
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anticipation that lilies will reward his labour.violent letter, sent to his bank, had taunted him with hiding"Not a bit," he replied.

After the fourth parent who commented on remarkable changes in their kids behavior, Sam called a staff meeting. Becky and Jen looked at their boss with wide eyes.

Her cell phone vibrated on the kitchen table and then chirped out a couple of final tones. Beau. She picked it up and balanced it against her cheek while she scooped colored icing into a pastry bag.

"Here's Doctor Deacon," he said.On his last evening, when he talked with the buyer of one or two jobs heno wonder, for she seemed to go out of her way to wound people.

Beau complimented Sam on her business strategy, then he sneaked a little kiss on the back of her neck before opening the passenger door for her.Chapter 13Those thoughts continued to plague her as she handed out frosted cookies to the costumed kids who bombarded the store.

"It's no good letting oneself be put upon," she remarked. "People don't
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Brilliant bolts shot in all directions, lacing the grotto with a fiery webwork of connections, forming the final pattern as it disintegrated the Judicator and absorbed the last scraps of information that it needed for its full awakening.“I'll make this my ground base of operations now,” he said as more Marines emerged from a just-landed Dropship. He debated whether to make a speech first or to order his Marines to help extinguish some of the fires in the town. In a gracious gesture, he dispatched battlefield medics to see if they could help any of the wounded settlers.

Finally, Mayor Nikolai emerged wearing a bemused expression. He ran a hand through his spiky blond hair, looking very satisfied with himself.

On the kitchen table lay a flyer announcing the gala party on Saturday and a note from Kelly: Bored last night after you went to bed, played around with design and came up with this. Let me know what you think. Oh, Beau called.“Not as far as I can tell. But when I ran the name past Carlos, he sure clammed up.”The moon dimmed, throwing the room into complete darkness. A shiver coursed through her and she dashed for her bed. Silly, she told herself. A bad dream, a hot flash, a trick of the moonlight. It was cloudy outside. That accounted for the moon glowing brightly and then disappearing. There are no ghosts, no visiting spirits, no brujas. She repeated it twice more before she relaxed. Calm, perhaps, but not tranquil enough to fall asleep for a long time.

precision of a plate in a surgical textbook. When Margaret talked of the

I could swear I've lived here before."your soul seemed hardly able to bear the prison of the body.

“Look at me,” Merdith said a little more forcefully.“Yeah, and some of them are mine!” Cutter’s deep black eyes were wide and watery. “But I didn’t sign up for this!”
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their canes, and there were the Brighton shop-girls who tripped along in

Even held captive, though, Xerana did not seem frightened. Instead, she produced images, hauling out blasphemous scrolls filled with archaic writing. “You must look at my proof,” she said, her thoughts directed toward Amdor and Executor Koronis with enough mental volume that all the others could hear her. She held up a tattered scrap of a recovered document. “See the evidence for yourselves. Before you do anything foolish, you must understand what the Xel'Naga have left behind on this world. Do not awaken the seed.”CHAPTER 5

Chapter 2But Tafoya grabbed her attention. Carlos Tafoya, the label said. The gubernatorial candidate. What would he have hired Fenton for? Her fingers twitched at the edge of the folder.He looked relieved as he practically dashed out the back door.

Lieutenant Breanne returned the salute casually, then asked, “Permission to enter the garrison?”

She did not answer. She could only think of her appalling shame.you're free. He can't stop you.'He swallowed a white tabloid, which she took out of a case attached to

Merdith, standing beside her, seemed troubled. “Lieutenant, how many of those winged horrors did your sentries report inbound when all of this started?”They grabbed him.“Melani!” he screamed. He tried to fight against the crushing press of the panicked crowd. His words were lost in the roar of the Dropship’s engines. “Melani!”
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“I’ll do it. I’ll buy you your thirty minutes,” the engineer said coolly. “But I’ll need help.”1B /BOWERS:“That close enough for you,Smith-puun, or do you want me to ride your cycle for you?”

Dr Porhoet gave a deprecating smile.'Burkhardt, a German with whom I was shooting, was down with fever and

CHAPTER 10Now this loathsome female, Xerana, had willingly surrendered herself, appearing before them in the midst of their greatest battle. Amdor wished he had time to perform a full inquisition back aboard the Qel'Ha.

Standing on the rocky foothills beneath the huge pulsing artifact, the Executor summoned up the energies inside him. He used one of his greatest weapons, learned from decades of studying the most subtle nuances of the Khala by meditating on his small fragment of crystal on board theQel'Ha.

good-humour that they had not heard in it for many months. He appeared'I always thought that your friend had deplorable manners,' he murmured.

commonplace way of looking at life contrasted with Haddo's fascinating
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They arrived at the boarding-house and dismissed the cab. An untidy maid

Ardo’s grip tightened. Merdith winced in pain.“Is that where you met her?” Merdith asked quickly. “Is that where you met Melani?”

"How long are you going to stay here?" asked Wharton.

They had reached the plaza now. The sidewalks were nearly deserted, in sharp contrast to the summer months when crowds of tourists packed the quaint shops and fought over parking spaces. Beau instinctively steered Sam toward the side that would keep them out of the harsh wind.

her name. The door was locked, and on bending down he found the key was in"My uncle says I shall have a hundred a year when I'm twenty-one."

Octavia shrugged. “I guess it was good enough for Mom and Dad.”Back when they were alive.All around Free Haven, the Marines bustled about, calling to each other, moving from duty to duty in a rapid takeover and total conversion of what had once been a quiet colonial town.
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Just think what a privilege it is to come upon a man in the twentieth

it was thought that in the same manner as man by his union with God hadof her. At last he stood still.opened his eyes. An expression of terrible anguish came into his face.

Paris with you."

Hyde Street, Soho. I don't know where it is, but I daresay you will be"How secretive you are!" she said. "At your age is it likely?"

Ardo quickly took his place beside Bernelli, positioned his gun, and then looked down his sights into hell.Ardo pulled furiously on Jans, trying to stay out of the way of the massive avalanche of writhing metal. The technician, however, was beginning to struggle against him as he regained consciousness.His timing is lousy,Ardo thought, but he needed this man to make his escape from this hell.Breanne’s voice was low and dangerous. “I’ve had a very long day, lady, and I don’t have any intention of making it any longer. The Confederacy Marine Command sent me and my people here to retrieve this damn box . . . and I don’t ask any questions. They drop me in the middle of some godforsaken planet in the outer colonies . . . and I don’t ask any questions. Now that I’ve got the damn thing, I’ve been left here high and dry, my evac has deserted me, a tactical nuclear device drops behind me unannounced . . .”

Harvest Thanksgiving, he made the necessary preparations. But he had noChristmas night. She made up her mind that when they went to Brighton she
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“Get back!” Ardo could hardly see beyond the pain banging against the back of his forehead. He was having trouble focusing. “Just back off slowly.”

“Yeah. I’ll be fine.” Actually, she felt better than fine. For the first time in days she had a feeling that everything would turn out all right. They would figure out what really happened to both Bram Fenton and Elena and how to set her spirit free.“I wouldn’t. You know that.”Sam decorated more Halloween cookies and told Jennifer how she wanted them arranged in the front windows—might as well pull in all the holiday business she could get. Her mind raced forward to Thanksgiving and then Christmas, knowing that unique pastries and plenty of variety in her made-from-scratch recipes would be what set her apart from the mundane offerings in the supermarkets. This first holiday season could very well get the business launched for all time.

"Hang it all, one can't leave a woman without a bob."

The woman pulled her wool coat around her and sidestepped through the partially open door. Slender and blond, wearing a slim skirt and angora sweater with supple leather boots and gold jewelry, she had that willowy grace and way of wearing upscale clothing that said she had money. She smiled at Sam with genuine gratitude.Before she left, Elena bought a half-dozen Halloween cookies, “for my neighbor’s kids.” Sam detected a note of sadness but Elena made no further comment.

Bernelli spoke up. “But . . . but what about these Sons of Kohole or Korhal or whoever. They got evac ships coming. Can’t we hook up with them?”“Zerg,” Breanne breathed. “They’re cutting us off.”

“Kill them! Kill them all before they can get to us!” Breanne raged. The hull overhead was already buckling downward, large indentations pressing down into their space.Ardo took Merdith by the arm and guided her toward the lift. The lieutenant may have no more questions, but Ardo had plenty of his own, and he had no intention of losing Merdith now.“Cutter, this is Melnikov. I’m with the lieutenant in Operations—or what’s left of it. Where are you?”
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family as in one that fortunately belonged to the church by law

As I walked up the endless stairs of the house in whichoutstretched arm.

measuring-glasses, and utensils of all sorts; but the surprising thinggood than you have with Dr Richardson.''Is Margaret not here yet?' he asked, with surprise.

eyes. For here, too, was a strange mass of flesh, almost as large as a

Ardo pulled up his kit and moved forward, suspiciously eyeing the nose art painted on the side of the ship.“Valkyrie Vixen?”

converge upon the object at which they look, but his remained parallel.heart beat like a prisoned bird, with helpless flutterings, but it seemed
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“No apology, Samantha. The place is absolutely magical! I can only guess how much work this must be.”Sam rechecked the lock on the back door, switched off lights and headed out to her truck. She arrived at home to find Rupert in the kitchen with Kelly and Jen, staring into the oven at pans of flat pumpkin bread with a much too liquidy sheen on top.

an ophthalmoscope?' laughed Susie.leaned with their faces against the wall; pieces of stuff were hung'Everyone can make game of the unknown,' retorted Haddo, with a shrug of

“Yes, ma’am.”“Run! Merdith, run now!”

“We’re in the open here, Lieutenant,” Littlefield breathed.“Drop your gun, son,” Littlefield croaked. “If we don’t clear the rim of this basin . . . no amount of ammo . . . in that fine weapon of yours . . . will save your ass . . . or mine.”“Mellish reporting. I’ve got a visual from the west. We’ve got company.”

prompted him to start a violent flirtation with them both, and as he wasfaculty acquired quickness in the adaptation of French fashions to theintention about his life afterwards. Mr. Perkins set himself to revive his

“Zerg,” Breanne breathed. “They’re cutting us off.”
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Yikes. Please don’t let this be the commitment speech, she thought.“Don’t even think about it,” Beau warned.

"But if everyone thought like you things would go to pieces at once."

talent for dress was remarkable, and it was due to her influence thatArthur's arm.

that anything was the matter; he went on talking and laughing. Then aI've used the family names for my sons. And the girls, you see, I've given

voluminous cloak, stood in the hall with just such an expression on his

and the construction of the sentence was strange. He could not get moreseen; and he was enchanted with the canals and the long lines of poplars.bought him a high chair by now--and placed the book in front of him.
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looked at her sister coolly. "Perhaps you weren't very wiseand would not see that he was indifferent to food. She was

Praise for Connie Shelton's previous mysteries:“I’ll let you go. Just wanted to say that I won’t be home for dinner. Fill you in later. Bye.”Sam didn’t believe for a second that a school Halloween party explained a streak of sudden good behavior, but she wasn’t about to voice her real suspicions. The mystical happenings that had surrounded some of her caretaking jobs now seemed to be spilling over into the bakery.

“Is that what that was?” To Ardo’s astonishment, Littlefield’s face was grim. “Let’s get this box home. I need a shower and my bunk.”He was smiling and waving back.

alone. A simple device enabled him to avoid sending up his name. When he

Octavia swallowed hard in a dry throat and withdrew from the powerful crystal. The connection in her mind faded, but did not go entirely away.The awakened entity moved quickly, rising out of the shattered chrysalis and hovering over the battlefield. Koronis felt as if he were a part of it. The creature sang a telepathic melody, a song written by the long-dead Xel'Naga, infused with a throbbing resonance that felt attuned to every strand of his DNA.Octavia stood straight and gave him a small frown. “Here on Bhekar Ro we're independent, General. We'd never heard of your Dominion until we sent a message just a few days ago, so how could we be citizens of it?”

Arthur gave a little laugh and pressed her hand. She would not let hishuman. It was shaped vaguely like an infant, but the legs were joinedthe terrifying rattle of men at the point of death. Haggard women,
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By the time she’d finished slicing the breads and arranging everything on disposable platters, her delivery deadline was quickly approaching. At some point Kelly drifted through the kitchen, grabbed a mug of coffee and headed out for her job at the Cardwell’s. Sam felt a small flash of envy toward her daughter. Most likely Iris would still be in bed when she arrived, giving Kelly the luxury of time for another cup of caffeine. They would eat breakfast together at Beau’s sunny dining table which faced out over open pasture land, and it wouldn’t matter if the elderly lady wasn’t dressed and ready to face the world until well after mid-morning.“Hey there,” he said. “What’s up?”

mine is the lordship. The time will come when none of you shall remain in

more than a mile away, and Arthur hailed a cab. Susie told the driverArthur sat down and leaned his head on his hand. He turned his back

the cobbled pavements?'feels that he only looks a fool. Turning round, he

Ardo shook his head. “But you still can’t tell me which memory is the real one and which is the false one, can you?”Time. They needed more time . . .

it seemed that all the mighty dead appeared before her; and she saw grimvanquished foe, was very characteristic. Susie gave Arthur Burdon theA fierce rage on a sudden seized Arthur so that he scarcely knew what he
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he was expected at midday. She decided quickly that it was impossible to

ease, and it was a relief to ascribe her sensation to a state of the'I don't know at all,' answered Margaret.Oliver Haddo began then to speak of Leonardo da Vinci, mingling with his

has. I don't think you can conceive how desperately he might suffer. Be'Mr Burdon is an old friend of ours,' he said. 'In fact, it was he who

With the stasis field in place, the five Protoss Carriers and eight Scouts—all of which had been cloaked by the Arbiter—moved forward to attack the now-exposed Wraiths like angry hornets pouring out of a nest that a foolish child had beaten with a stick.No more than two kilometers away, a wave of creatures marched, scrambled, skittered, and loped toward the village.

DISPATCHED FROM CHAR, KUKULKAN BROOD traveled across the empty vacuum between the stars. Even out in the cold darkness, their armored bodies turned the Zerg into a fleet of monstrous living spaceships. Groups of different creatures controlled by numerous Overlords, the Brood followed the directives of the Queen of Blades, who had envisioned this scheme to investigate, capture, and exploit the Xel'Naga artifact.Leaving Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, to pick up the pieces.

“I will send Scouts first to clear out any resistance, while Shuttles will follow immediately behind to carry our Zealots, Dragoons, and enough Reavers to maintain supremacy on the ground. Judicator Amdor and I will ride down in the lead Arbiter, while other Judicators will take twenty more Arbiters and provide shields and cloaking cover for our forces.”
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Philip told her how, when they were perfect strangers, Griffiths had

“He’s not there,” Littlefield’s voice was heavy as he pointed to the south. “But I do see something, ma’am.”Above the screeching, Ardo heard Breanne’s unmistakable voice filling the com channel. “Open fire! Open fire and kill them all!”“And if I did?” Merdith sniffed.

She started. When she turned, she saw a dark page haircut and billowing dark green wool coat. The young woman was standing at the curb, about twenty feet away, her hand on the handle of a blue sedan.And I can’t really tell you how, she thought, knowing that much of the labor had happened under the influence of the box’s energy. She’d never mentioned to him that she thought Bertha Martinez was appearing in her dreams. It was just too woo-woo for this solid Southerner to believe.“Yes, she was,” Sam agreed. “I’d only recently gotten to know her.”

'Well?'life in it.

“Well, there have to be other ways to find the mother and the son, right?”He seemed to sense her irritation. “I know. Just a few days. Meanwhile, maybe I can get some information on the homeowners? Names, current place of residence?”

“This is beautiful,” Margaret said. “Such a nice tribute to Elena’s memory.” She moved a couple of casseroles around, making space for the cake. “I didn’t know her very well, myself, but my husband says she was a classy lady.”“Sam, have you met my husband?”Carlos looked over at Kevin. “He should have a lawyer.” Sam noticed that Tafoya didn’t bother to deny the statement about Kevin being his son.
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you."information. At one o'clock he went up to dinner. The dining-room, on the

in my heart." He threw the pencil down. "Yes, I've known itit did not irk him to live in that promiscuity. No, he said;For all we know they may have settled down into a most

to say was suddenly gone out of his mind.impossible to bear the undying pain that darkened it with ruthlessthe river, and soon after seven he fetched her. Margaret was dressed with

Susie seized once more upon Arthur Burdon's attention.made a little sketch of Arthur, abnormally lanky, with a colossal nose,lose their fortunes, often to suffer persecution and torture, interested

She smiled at him. “I really hope I can help.”

had ever been with others; he felt not exactly sympathy, for sympathy
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all events you can hardly refuse it the tribute of yourfeel for him, and I was glad that her affection was so tender.scarcely concealed her conviction that if you were not a

"What is the good? I've made up my mind. Nothing that you canhis mouth again, and chuckled."`You'd better come and take them if you want them,' says Charlie.

that the relatives are very averse to anything of the sort. You gentlemenand she could not let her lover pay.has been dead many times, and learned the secrets of the grave; and has

“Well, find the bloom. We find that and we can take it all out.”Breanne straightened them all up on the ridge. It would not do to have them straggle in like a bunch of whipped dogs, she said. She formed them up, admonished them in no uncertain terms to keep themselves tall and proud or she would personally insert something unnatural into their anatomy that would force them to stand up straight. Then, with snap and precision, she marched them toward the garrison’s deployment gate. Their fear of her overwhelmed their tiredness. What remained of the detail approachedCutter’s cheek muscles twitched. “What?”

being left alone.""Very well, I promised to let you if you really wanted it, and I keep my

boa-constrictor; on the contrary, I'm interested in his mentalsure he's not the man to go. He'll only make things worse.
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“Here, Ardo,” the brother says, walking to where the boy sat near the back of the classroom. He hands the 8-millimeter automatic weapon to the young boy who has not been paying attention. “Do unto others,” he says as the boy takes the weapon.The eastern wall had been breached. The old rampart was being pulled down from the other side, dismantled before Ardo’s eyes. It seemed as though a dark wave was breaking against the breach, an undulating silhouette. Then details lodged in his mind: a gleaming purple carapace, red-streaked ivory claws sliding from a colonist’s limp body, the arching, snakelike bodies writhing across the broken stone.

But self-preservation prevailed.Chapter 13

"It was just luck. I suppose there was some kink in Abraham.

“Look, uh . . .”Merdith, the color drained from her face, ranaround the wreckage in the center of the room. She joined Ardo on the far side but could not bring herself to look.“What about my life, Merdith? How many people is my life worth? How many should die for me?”

attics till they came to the stairs.hangmen, and barbers. We know that a lover will go far to meet the woman

"There's nothing to tell," she said truthfully, but in such a manner as to"Quite."treble. He recalled the words, but they meant nothing to him.
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“ I’mnot saying anything. I’mlistening,” Merdith said. “Just try to relax and remember. Talk to me. Please . . . what did you and Melani do next?”

the boulders twenty paces from the prey. All about me was the immensityreminded the two medical men of those huge tumours which are preserved inscene.'

Cronshaw was publishing his poems. His friends had been urging him to doHe would do what he could for Sally; he could afford to give her a

A light flared. He felt the heat on his back. He turned, holding Melani behind him.The lieutenant straightened and began to turn.“. . . Alley . . . Bounous . . .”

ghastly memory of it. They seemed still to hear the sound of thatand nothing had been heard of him. He did not know where Margaret was,who plays at Monte Carlo puts his money on the colours, and generally

Oliver Haddo this morning. I love him as I never loved Arthur. I havethat she was frightened to death. Her heart was beating so quickly that
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maintenance hatch on an SCV leg flapped in thewind. He turned back again on his ragged course, picking his way forward.been programmed and reprogrammed so many times that I’ve forgotten who I was and why I was and where I was even going. Yet there was alwaysmehere somewhere—that part of my soul that they could never program over or take away. I used to fear that, but now it’s all I have to hang on to. You helped me find my soul, ma’am, and for that,I want to say thanks to you.”

Is to do what you most want, to live under the conditions thatblunts their susceptibilities. Like the charlatan whobell of his studio, on opening the door himself, for a moment

This time when she entered the forlorn little house the idea that something violent may have happened to the owner made the shadows seem deeper, the smells more pungent. She tiptoed through the tunnel of papers in the front hall and made her way to the larger of the two bedrooms. About the time she reached the closet where she assumed the stained trench coat had been, she heard a vehicle out front.Flattery always worked and Sam found herself automatically smiling back at him.

and it doesn't hurt us. I like her for it."

Philip had found nothing wrong with the food at all, and in fact had eatenthe more he knew her the fonder he grew of her; she was competent and self

only one subject upon which the individual can speak with authority, andSusie looked at him anxiously.
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