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become one with her craft.

“Thanks. Will you be able to come to our grand opening next Saturday night?”

Ardo suddenly let Merdith go. “How many ships are coming?”Breanne pulled out her side arm in a single swift motion, leveling the muzzle between Merdith’s eyebrows. “Why should I?”Then the moment passed . . . and he was still there.

the middle of it, on the left as I walked down, was the HotelIs there any chance of seeing any of his pictures?"Grief and jealousy and rage seized him, and he cried

Octavia clenched her teeth. “Well, I became a part of it when that thing disintegrated my brother.”Octavia wanted nothing more in the world, so she gave him the details. Starting with how she and her brother had found the object exposed after an avalanche, she explained how it had killed Lars and later fried her robo-harvester.

“I don’t know what you put in those cookies yesterday,” said a young woman with a baby on her hip.
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“Did you say ‘we’ could get an early start?”Elena nodded. “I really don’t want to go home alone right now.”“I did it. I didn’t mean to, but I killed him.”

3 A /JENSEN:“You all heard the lady, let’s move!Cutter, you follow Alley and Xiang up the main street here. Ekart, you’re with Melnikov and Bernelli. Go right down that road and then make your way north toward the . . .”“Transit alpha four-oh-niner, cleared for immediate departure pad seven. Transit alpha oh-six-five hold short at pad fourteen. Transit gamma eight-zero-zero cleared to pad twelve. Transit delta two-two-zero, hold at Lima for cross traffic . . .”“We’ll make a high pass over the main street again. Maybe we missed it.”

“Would you rather answer my questions privately?” he asked Kevin, giving a nod toward one of the closed doors.“It really does. I noticed that, too. Some of these baby clothes were never worn.”

terms with themselves, for Macalister had given them a good thing on thewas the delight of murder: he walked about considering what a joy it wouldPhilip had thought of that. It would cost at least five-and-twenty pounds.

Strickland's best pictures, due to the enterprise of aThis is what I wrote:

particularly nice to him; but when she took his arm while they walked"I can find someone who'll look after it well for seven and sixpence a
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As the Zealots attacked the ground forces and massive Carriers flew overhead, dropping deadly squadrons of Interceptors, Koronis finally sensed a cold presence—something familiar yet separate from the Khala, the psychic link that bound all Protoss together. He turned, curious and troubled, just as Amdor whirled around, sensing the same thing.Rastin!The colonists' first shots rang out, many of them going wild because the weapons were poorly aimed. But because of the sheer number of alien scouts, most of the shots strucksomething.The other scout aliens stampeded over their fallen companions, either ripping them to shreds with razor-limbs or ignoring them in their death throes. It looked like an unending wave of hideous death.

countries in the world, but this was no bar to good-fellowship;The suggestion sent a ray of hope in all their breasts, but Iwhich the concierge had brought me my <i cafe au lait> and the

be a simple thing to double the dose; he would die in the night, and nohad blackened her eyelashes and eyebrows, and painted both eyelids a boldshe tried to circumvent the commonplace by leaving out the tops of the

the destruction of Germany."Never mind about that. We'll go somewhere where it doesn't matter how

moment in the drawing-room, talking to Frau Erlin, Anna came quickly in.

Ardo stood up. There had to be something he could do. His head was throbbing once again.2 A /L ITTLEFIELD:“Shut up, Alley . . . and keep your field of fire clear! The way you’re wavin’ that rifle around, you’d think you were conducting a parade!” M ET: 00:04:25than ten words to anyone since his brother’s Dropship went down. Ardo was more than a little concerned about the man, but there was no time to deal with his problems at the moment—perhaps no time to deal with them ever. Ardo walked up to the low domed building and entered the open access hatch.
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'I cannot find it in my heart now to blame her for anything she hasThough these efforts of mine brought me very little money, they attractedwaistcoat.

up soon. There'll be a boom in South Africans again one of these days, andwhich fell constantly over his eyes, and his most frequent gesture was topleasant smile Philip immediately preferred her. After a few minutes of

"It was such a splendid day, I thought I'd lie in bed and think howmidnight train to Paris; and they sped through the silent, star-lit night

moment thought of regulating her own conduct in accordancehears of another personality entering into a man and drivingdistressed that I could not smile.

acquaintance was grown into a charming friendship.Arthur Burdon made a gesture of impatience.

Strickland. She made no secret of her desires, and I washolding it between finger and thumb:
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They walked very quickly for a while. Now and then Arthur looked back.Khan, whose son he afterwards accompanied to Constantinople. The mind'We mustn't be unfair to him,' said Arthur. 'He put our backs up, and we

“I’m afraid I’m in deep you-know-what if I don’t show up with pastries for the rally this morning.” She breezed over to the display cases and began perusing. After a moment she looked up. “You’re Samantha Sweet, aren’t you? We’ve spoken on the phone.”A static-filled voice came at him and Beau answered with, “I’m there. Ten minutes.” When he turned back to Sam it was with a rueful expression. “I’m wanted at the office.”Sam still felt like she had energy to spare. Secretly glad that no one had stopped by to interrupt, she went back inside and began cleaning the floors in the back room. These were sealed concrete and the cleanup went quickly, as she filled and refilled her mop bucket, washing all traces of the former dust and grime down the drain in the little porcelain sink in one corner. Soon, stainless fixtures would replace the old ones. She assembled bakery racks in her new storage area, readying it for the stores of supplies and tools she now kept crowded into her meager service porch at home.

“She’s talkative,” Ardo replied, drawing a wry smile from the woman.

Xerana explained,For the final transformation, the embryo required the genetics of the other Xel'Naga children as a biological fuel. Because these Terrans were not necessary, the creature must have rejected them from the DNA matrix.Nik rushed back into his dwelling and began to clear the general's paraphernalia off his desk.A perplexed frown creased Mayor Nikolai's forehead. “The Terran Dominion, ah, yes. Their emperor said he would send someone immediately.” He thought for a moment and then flushed. “Of course, that was days ago. And even if they're on their way, we don't know if they'll arrive before the next alien thing shows up in the sky over our heads.”

It seems to be a race,he thought.And we intend to win it.Yes . . .

used to long for the time when you would be faded and wrinkled so thatsurrender on her part was his only way to freedom. He was like a knight of"It's so inexplicable. What does it all mean?"
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In the ballroom the mood was frenetic. A band played rock music with a heavy beat and the mesmerized crowd were waving their arms overhead, swaying and chanting to the tempo. She stood to the side, near one of the massive carved doors.

Instead, she activated the powerful combine arm, a huge rolling basket with sharpened blades that could mow down fields of triticale-wheat. She lowered the combine arm like a blurring flyswatter onto one of the spine-depleted Hydralisks. The monster flailed and thrashed even as it was chopped into a thousand pieces. Slime and blood splattered her machine's windshield.A murmur of approval and hope rippled through the room. Wes bounced to his feet. “Hey, and most of us own pulse pistols that we use for hunting lizards.”

recognised that she had no beauty to help her, but once she had at leasthatred which hideously deformed it. But it changed. The redness gave wayan imperturbable assurance. He had also an ingenious talent for

inconvenient for us to talk here, will you not come and see me?'and flashed the light of his torch all round them. They stood in a large

She awoke in a tangle of sheets and blankets, panting.That was quick. Maybe not. Sam glanced at her watch and saw that more than forty-five minutes had passed while she was buried in the closet clutter.

and had accompanied her to Paris. I could not find out howstarts at your age? Most men begin painting at eighteen."
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they have burst in and seated themselves in our seats."No."way I bought a paper. When we had ordered our dinner,

"That's what you think."

“Alley! Get the hell out of my way! I’ll burn ’em!”ARDO PROPELLED THEM BOTH DOWN THE MAIN ramp of the Command Center and toward the nearest barracks entrance just to their left. The wind was howling out of the west, whipping the dry dirt in the compound. The whirls of sand whispered and moaned between the buildings. Ardo, still in his combat suit, was relatively unaffected by the gale. The woman next to him, however, was exposed to the elements. Her right arm held the lapel of her worker’s coveralls across her face, her left arm still held firmly by the Marine.

be so silly? You don't mean to say you're jealous of Strickland?"

with indifference for the release of death.the life she led. It was horrible to have to be affable and subservient;

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When Octavia saw their skin begin to squirm, their bodies boil, their faces and stomachs swell and puff, she remembered what had happened to Old Blue—a buildup of toxic and explosive gases. “Get away from them!” she shouted, running toward the perimeter. “Don't let them come closer!”Even when darkness fell on this unnamed world, Xerana still did not return to her large ship in orbit. Her golden gemfire eyes adapted to the dark, her telepathic senses extended, and she continued to search. Her slender, muscular body was covered by dark robes held in place by a wide hieroglyphic-inscribed sash that signified her scholar's profession. She wore her clothing as a matter of formality and function, never for comfort. Affixed to her wide collar was a thin, etched tablet, a fragment she had found on an earlier excavation, displaying indecipherable words that had been inscribed by the hand of a long-forgotten Xel'Naga poet. It was her most prized possession.

“Ignoring it isn't good enough. Something else happened out there. As I was leaving thatthing, it sent a signal up into space. Some kind of transmission, or alarm, or homing beacon. The light was so bright it almost blinded me, and the sound shook the ground and threw me off my feet.”Then she made a disbelieving sound. Even if this artifact turned out to be something truly remarkable, meeting all of the hopeful criteria Lars envisioned, the colony's communication link with the Terran Confederacy had been left unused for thirty-five of the forty years Free Haven had existed as a human settlement. The colonists had come here to get away from Terran governments, to live for themselves and be self-sufficient. Their parents and grandparents had hated any interference or oppression, and few of the colonists would choose to call attention to themselves again.CHAPTER 10

“Perfect.” She gave directions and told Darryl she would meet the crew to get them started. Truthfully, she thought she could probably just instruct them to clear the place completely, but who knew how a construction crew would interpret that. She might come back to find that the house no longer had windows or doors. “Call me when you’re ready to let them go.”She dragged herself to the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face, combing her hair into a semblance of order and then wandering back to her closet for fresh clothes. Thank goodness she didn’t have to play hostess tonight. No way she could have handled that. She checked her appearance in the mirror; with puffy eyes and ghostlike skin she was barely presentable.Elena held up her wine glass. “I think I’ll just top this off. I’ll be fine. Get back to your guests.”

Assuming that each page represented a different client, it appeared that the records belonged to about two dozen different people. Remembering back to the manila files in Fenton’s office, there had been a lot more than that. Maybe the folders contained cases dating back for years, while the ledger contained only the business he’d done this year. It was a theory but again she had no way to prove it without comparing the files. And Beau’s warrant didn’t allow them to take anything that wasn’t related directly to the PI’s connection to Cheryl Adams. As she scanned through she found nothing in the book with Adams’s initials or her address or anything Sam could definitely tie to her. The answers were probably here somewhere but Sam’s exhausted brain wasn’t grasping them.

Sam peered around the edge of the living room drape. Sure enough, the ground was white.Sam hopped out of the cruiser, patted the roof of it and headed toward her pickup truck. As Beau backed expertly down her long driveway, she found her mind returning to business. With a quick call she verified that the roll-off was being delivered to Hickory Lane this morning. Next, she dialed Darryl’s number.When Kelly came in, Sam was nodding off.

charms of this young person."
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Smug in their position of political and religious power, Judicators often did not understand how the rest of the Khalai responded to undercurrents and subtleties. But Koronis would not provoke a confrontation now. Such matters were better dealt with behind telepathic shielded walls, so that even the loudest arguments and mental shouts could not be picked up by others aboard the ship.She raced for the center of town, a place that had once been peaceful, the closest thing to a park on Bhekar Ro. Behind her, the terrified colonists were forced to fall back, their lines crumbling as the

was a child no longer; and though they had only been down a few days one

"You will look back on a happy life," I said.

know that there was anything about them to excite theIt is still possible to discuss his place in art, and thethreatened proceedings. It appeared that when everything was

those who deal in the darkest ways of the science.'delay, but Arthur pressed her not to change her plans. At first MargaretOn the other side of the long tables heaped up with instruments, hidden

Overhead, squeezed into a space between the massive processors, was the SCV maintenance bay. “Maintenance” was something of a misnomer: the fabricators on that level could create an SCV from scratch just using the mineral processor output alone. Several T-280 Space Construction Vehicles hung suspended from their construction racks overhead. They swayed slightly. Ardo had to remind himself that it was probably the ventilation system moving the suits.
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The Judicator stepped forward and raised his long arms, extending his hands in an all-encompassing gesture. His dark robes curled around his body like a living thing. “I claim this worthy object for the First Born. It is a triumph for the Protoss. Let no one doubt our sole possession.En taro Adun!”Just then, the door of Rastin's shack was torn open from inside, literally ripped from its hinges and thrown to the ground ten feet away. A lumbering hulk strode into the faint light that seeped through the murky darkness. But this one was a humanoid form—or at least ithadbeen. The figure looked as if it had been redesigned by a madman who had too many spare parts left over from a variety of species.But that wasn't what had caught her brother's eye.

station, they could hardly drag their limbs along.

Beau pulled Sam aside. “I’ll be tied up with the paperwork for awhile . . . He glanced at Carlos on the other side of the room.“It’s all right, really. Things are stacking up on me too. The shop—”

Ardo sucked in a ragged breath.2A /LITTLEFIELD:“Can you see him?”

CHAPTER 20Via an encoded communications link, he contacted General Duke. “All ready, sir. I'm in position. Preparing to paint the target now.”

'Has anything happened?' cried Susie.empty. The bed had not been slept in. On the pillow was a note.I waited till the train came in, but there was no sign of her. Then I
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Philip stopped suddenly. He was walking slowly home.exhausted, with her head thrown back and her arms hanging by her side. She

as he's suffered!'He did not answer. He gave a sigh of relief as they drove into the

Octavia splinted Jon's broken leg and moved on to a shocked twelve-year-old boy who had lost a lot of blood. She gave him an infusion of plasma and a potent pain reliever. Then she glanced up and watched with curiosity as a ruddy-faced Mayor Nikolai marched toward Duke, bony fists balled, scrawny arms bent as if for the first time in his life he could imagine punching someone.Taking the lead, Lieutenant Scott marched down the strange corridor. He had orders to see what was at the bottom of this bizarre alien object.Octavia took careful aim and triggered the small explosive launcher that was normally reserved for clearing boulders from fields. She held on and watched, already feeling satisfied.

well to aim at the intention of the soul: who could tell what that was

Knowing he was safe in his invisibility now, MacGregor Golding raced ahead through the chaos, dodging Zerg minions and angry Protoss. They could not see a Ghost.

insisted should be sent to her dressmaker, saying that it was needlesshave you with me always. Won't you come away with me and let me take careHampshire, opposite the Isle of Wight, hoping that amid the most
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“You be careful, and I'll be careful,” he said, “and we'll be back in time to fix the seismographs by midday.”

Stepping hesitantly out of the lock space, Ardo noted once more that Scenic Garrison had been deployed like every other base he had ever served in, with one very notable exception.Suddenly he fell from the sky. The ground rushed up at him, slamming his head violently against the interior of his helmet. Dazed, he felt as though he were still moving, although the rough granules of dirt and rock half burying his faceplate belied the thought. He lay still for a moment, aware of a thin stream of blood winding its way down across the clear plexithene of the faceplate and slowly starting to pool.

He could just see the sign “Dez Hardwarez” across the packed central square.

In the past, other colonists had tried to establish settlements beyond the main valley. Some had moved away from Free Haven, searching for better farmland. But one by one each of those distant farms had

"He is painting the walls of the house.""You nearly frightened me out of my wits."he answered with a grin:

Cheering silently at seeing the loss of each Protoss craft, General Duke said, “I've had a grudge against those alien bastards ever since Chau Sara.” In their first contact ever with the human race, the Protoss had come in giant ships and without warning had killed every living thing on the Terran colony planet, exterminating millions. General Duke himself had barely escaped from its infested sister planet of Mar Sara, the first place he had ever laid eyes on the hideous Zerg. “Serves them all right.”Two Protoss Arbiters moved toward General Duke's fifteen clustered Battlecruisers. Duke looked at them with a sneer. “And just what do they think they're doing? Move the fleet forward. Take the Napoleonand theBismarckcloser with a squad of eight Wraiths to mop up the mess.”He and his crew had been dispatched to search for any sign of the heretical Dark Templar, who had refused to join the Khala and kept themselves separate from the unified mental presence of the Protoss. The Judicators in the Conclave could not accept such a blight on Protoss society. They commanded that the Dark Templar must be either brought into the fold or destroyed. Koronis had never considered the Dark Templar to be a great threat and would have preferred to leave the exiles alone, but the fanatical Conclave politicians made such decisions, not he.
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Sam reluctantly pushed the page toward her daughter. “Okay. Just choose some decent wines.”

“I’m goin’ for the high score today, Marines!”Ardo shook—whether from fear or excitement he could not tell—but at least his stupor had ended. He clasped Melani’s arm and began pulling at her. “Come on! We’ve got to get into the town before they shut the gates! Come on!”The roar of the Orbitals constantly lifting from the surrounding pads did not deter the enthusiasm of the Dropship pilot, nor did it entirely drown out his shrill words.

Author’s Note

Margaret. He could not tell what it was, nor why the fear of it was so

'But if the adept is active, pliant, and strong, the whole world will be

Ardo was shocked for a moment that a private would be so disrespectful of an officer, even a noncommissioned one.He was smiling and waving back.All of this, Ardo experienced vicariously through his combat suit. He was plugged into the Dropship’s main power bus, which also transmitted to him a continuous stream of data that Ardo could configure in any way that he liked. He had switched the sensor system over to external, and instantly the ship had vanished around him. He soared above the landscape alone, the internal display system automatically masking out the Dropship around him and everyone inside it. He was a bird sailing the hot plasma fire that trailed behind him.
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“I said, hold a corridor and then fall back with Second Squad to the operations center. We’ll extract from here.”“Have her back here in one hour,” the lieutenantemphasized. “I want her none the worse for wear, but don’t lose her.”

THE BATTLE FOR FREE HAVEN CONTINUED WITHOUT any glimmer of hope for the struggling

door. They went there at once, on foot.

them. No moon shone in the sky, but small stars appeared to dance on thecentury. Paracelsus then passed through the countries that border the

"I suppose you don't remember them in the least," saidand there, in which cattle, black and white, grazed lazily.

As soon as she had accepted the tugging in her mind and moved in response to it, the call became clearer. Octavia moved across the ground, knowing this could be a trap. The mental beckoning could be a siren song luring her to her death. But she didn't think so. Why would their enemies bother? A simple colonist like her was meaningless, irrelevant to any objective the three opposing forces might have.
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he looked at.appointed Registrar at Thomas's I hadn't a chance of getting

Behind her, Old Blue's infested carcass erupted in an explosion of high-powered gases, flying chunks of meat, and splattering slime. The shock wave from the explosion and the rolling fist of poisonous fumes swept outward and smashed into her vehicle, rocking it sideways and rattling the windows. Luckily, the driver's cabin remained sealed, although gouts of ichor spattered the windows and doors.Facing him squarely, Xerana gazed calmly at him. “The Dark Templar have no interest in destroying the Khala. That has never been the case. Nor haveyou ever been interested in understandingus.First the Judicators ordered the extermination of our tribe because we were an embarrassment to you. Then, when valiant Protoss refused to commit such genocide, you ordered us banished, to hide us from the rest of the First Born. You drove us all from our homes, yet here I am, risking myself to warn you of the folly of what you are doing.”The walkers lumbered forward in their armored bodies. The brains of the shattered volunteers focused energies through the Khala in order to control the movements of Dragoon limbs. Their articulated legs were able to scramble over the rough terrain and climb the broken rock wall more easily than the robed Judicators ever could.

“No!” Ardo reeled backward from the table, his combat suit slamming into the wall behind him. The plastic wall cracked under the sudden impact. “That’s not what he said!”

Inside each Marine's Powered Combat Suit and each Firebat's Heavy Combat Suit, the in-field chemical delivery systems injected a powerful mixture of synthetic adrenaline and endorphins. Lieutenant Scott knew of the risks and potential side effects, as well as the increased unruliness caused by the psychotropic aggression-amplifier drug, but right now his team required the increased speed and reflexes the stimpacks would allow.

Executor Koronis hoped such an aggressive posture would prove to be an unnecessary precaution, since he was sure his fleet had arrived here first, before any enemies could have responded to the artifact's beacon. He moved from his command bridge, followed briskly by the tall and imposing form of Judicator Amdor. They marched down the flagship corridors to the launching bays. Koronis climbed aboard the lead Arbiter.Then all vision winked out of his eyes. . . .“Pull back the fleet!” he said. “We need to regroup.”

The circumstances of Blanche Stroeve's death necessitated all
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at her as though he had never seen her before. He repeated this for three

Sam puzzled over that as they walked.The email sent, she phoned her best friend ZoГ«, who owned a B&B near the plaza, with her white-bearded teddy-bear husband, Darryl. Darryl always had a supply of young, muscular types on his crews and she hoped he could spare a few of them for a day or two if construction was slow.

“That would be wonderful—something light. Just look in the freezer and pantry and see what’s there. I can’t think right now. Just remember the oven’s on the fritz.”

that women can love all day long, but men only at times.she would be a typist more efficient than the average, and her

He gave her that grin again. “Just part of the job. We registered some pretty hefty seismic jolts. Could be significant. And youknownone of the other settlers is going to bother taking a look.”Koronis blinked his glowing eyes in disbelief, and Amdor looked momentarily amused. Then he mentally sent loud orders. “Seize this heretic!” Waves of hatred and revulsion emanated from the Judicator.Lars tensed his powerful muscles to ride out the temblor. They both watched the seismograph go wild. “The readings are off the scale!”

“Damn!”he breathed, eyes suddenly wide with fear.
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back. Dr. Coutras surmised she was afraid to go farther in

Often, when I tried to catch him, he confounded me by quoting the

Ma Fletcher and given her a gold watch.impelled him to spare the vanquished foe. Philip tried sometimes to put in

“Hey, the Confederacy is hauling its ‘assets’ out!” Marcus snorted.

At the moment, though, the main requirement would be elbow grease. The previous tenant had not left on good terms with the Tafoyas—being four months behind on rent before they evicted him—so he’d taught them a lesson by leaving masses of cardboard boxes, unsold product, piles of paperwork and old brochures—generally anything he didn’t want to make the effort to move. And of course the Tafoyas didn’t care. The location, one block off the Taos Plaza, was so prime that they knew it would rent, in any condition. Enter Samantha Sweet and her dream of opening her own pastry shop.

'I came here earlier in the night and made the opening easier to getfound a frugal meal waiting for them in the little sitting-room. It
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seemed to them that the horror of the night was passed, and there wasset my own nerves on edge, so that I do not know how much of what IThere was something in his manner that made Susie ask why.

“It isn’t any farther than it was before. Just a little more crowded, that’s all.” Ardo looked at the tears welling up in those beautiful blue eyes. He squeezed her hand tightly. “Don’t worry. I’ll be right here with you.”Ardo laughed. “Epic?”

Sam chuckled as he left. It was nice to be here among friends. She had a good feeling about the shop.“You got it. It still seems farfetched to think he would go after Elena. It’s not as if he knew her.”

Again, his Zealots charged forward, their Psionic Blades ignited. The battle had just been joined. Koronis blinked with amazement to see other sections of the ground crack open, spewing forth even more Zerg attackers.

nothing. They found themselves again on the stairs and they went to thetill Schimeon ben Jochai, who lived in the time of the destruction ofHis voice was stronger, and her pity waned as he seemed to recover. She

leather back of Delrio's _Disquisitiones Magicae_ and set upright theShe turned her chair a little and looked at him. She was astonished atthe eccentric. Her gown was much too gorgeous. It told against the
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Watsons, and the sketches were shown him. The following morning he sentWatson's heavy tread on the stairs. They threw the clothes back on Philip"He seems well enough now," said Philip.

the hackneyed phrase, here he found himself.something was going to happen, and I wished I hadn't spoken.

During the evening we played innumerable games of piquet,

“That’s just great!”“And leave you here?” Ardo was shaken.Ardo put his boot on the bench opposite where Merdith was sitting and leaned forward. “Ma’am— Merdith—a wise man once told me that truth is the only thing that is real. Truth is what’s left when all the shadows and darkness are torn away. I believe that and I think you do, too.”

I should be sorry if my conscience, insisting on a rigidhad acquired a reputation for neatness and accuracy. She was

“Marines! Prepare to hold and fire!”
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Outside, fine sleet pelted the elder Tafoya as he jerked open the door to his ratty old pickup truck. Why the father of the new governor didn’t at least drive a decent vehicle was always the subject of speculation, but at this point Sam couldn’t even give it a thought. The engine cranked and cranked in the blustery November day, but it wouldn’t start. She could see him cursing it. He pounded a fist against the steering wheel. Then his face went very pale and he clutched at his chest.“You’re showing a natural knack for it. I’ll show you some of the other techniques soon.”“I quote: ‘Upon closer examination of the ligature marks on the victim’s neck, it appears that there are signs of strangulation aside from any marks made by the wool scarf.’”

Chapter XXV

“Now then, we're tough people, and we've been through a lot,” he began. “And for a long time we've prided ourselves on being just about unshakable. We deal with weather disasters, tectonic disturbances, plagues, and unexpected deaths, taking it all in stride and moving on. But in the last few days we've seen some things that fall completely outside our understanding. In all our years on Bhekar Ro, we've neverSiege Tanks beyond the range of the Zealots' Psionic Blades pounded and pounded again. The Marines and Firebats never halted in their defense, and as General Duke watched, the battle changed course and finally the Terran forces gained the upper hand.

little huts, the street has a sinister beauty. The hideousHe put them on the table. Neither Strickland nor his wife spoke.dish of the great land-crabs that scuttled away under your feet.

straight through. Mr. Philips, forward please."of manners made it now little frequented, which was an advantage tocrowded, the air thick with caporal horrible to breathe, but in their

Now, though, she would have to reassess her plans, redefine her goals so that the dead planet of Char blossomed into a dark flower.
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His hair was reddish, cut very short, and his eyes were small,

"Well, let me know if there's anything I can do," he said."I suppose she's in her room."saw which house she went into, and in a moment he walked along to look at

He also saw the Zerg lurkers cresting the top of the building behind the smiling Firebat warrior.Breanne rolled her eyes at this and stepped away, seething. “Littlefield, can you believe this?Thisis the new Marine! Neural resocialization! Cookie-cutter soldiers! Press them out of the resoc tanks like so many gingerbread men, wind ’em up and send ’em off to die!”

Duke scowled, wondering what possible difference this civilian's name could make in the grand scheme of things. “If it's not tactical information, ma'am, it's irrelevant. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a war to win. Not easy to pluck victory from the jaws of defeat.”

"If it isn't, what are we here for?" asked Philip.

why? He did not know what else he could have done. Passing a fruiterer's,humanity in the mass; he adopted the attitude of one who wraps himself inhis studio; he was not less contemptuous when the two heads were accepted.
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Guards, whom she thought conceited, and she could not trust"Do you think he's done something that we don't know about,

"Look at yourself in the glass."

thecompound like some sort of dust-caked military parade. If Breanne had had a flag, Ardo was certain she would have been waving it by now.Cutter,Ardo thought as he ducked down another alley, trying desperately to keep up with Littlefield.“Where?”

frightened eye upon Haddo and then hid its head. The visitor, intent upon

Now, though, she would have to reassess her plans, redefine her goals so that the dead planet of Char blossomed into a dark flower.While the surviving settlers rushed to put out fires, tend to their wounded, and bury their dead, General Duke commandeered the largest intact building in front of the town square and then pulled out a folding command chair from his Battlecruiser. He and his men moved with practiced military precision to set up their base camp inside the town limits.

“It’s fine, Beau. Really.” She unclipped her seat belt and gathered her pack. “Did you get a chance to look over those journal entries that I mentioned?”“I shouldn’t.”
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for a long time. I had no news of Strickland. Once or twicehours in which they lived side by side in silence. It mustearlier, but you weren't in."

"Oh, in the Dorset Yeomanry. I'm going as a trooper."journey," said Mrs. Carey."What d'you mean?"

“Interesting . . .”“So if Sheriff Padilla’s theory is correct and it was a gang killing, what are the odds of finding either the knife or the person it belonged to? Wouldn’t it have to be a very distinctive knife to tie it to any certain guy?”

1A /SMITH-PUUN:“. . . again? Say again?” LC/BREANNE:“First Squad . . . circle Oasis and report!”“It’s the Confederacy forces! It’s the Marines!”

“Shut up, Collins! That line of rocks at the edge of the roadway! Everybody take a position and prepare to fire.” Breanne’s voice was like steel. She had made up her mind, and nothing and no one could change it now.There was none.Ardo propelled Merdith up the short ladder to the command island. As he did, light blossomed to the west. Through the windows he saw in the east the glowing trail of the first Confederacy evac ship arching into the sky.

Susie. 'Why had that serpent no effect on him though it was able to kill
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Sam pondered that. It could be exactly that. They hadn’t come across any financial ledgers, no computer. It wasn’t unheard of for a guy to keep a coded ledger or a second set of books, pocketing cash payments here and there.“The blood will tell the story. The lady is very worried.”

"Oh, she's got a job somewhere, thank God. That keeps her busy all day."


"Tell him I've got a club-foot," he said.it was fine and remained out a definite time. When it was not too cold she

Cutter growled through the com-system, but he obeyed, falling back with the rest of the line. The shining carapaces of the Zerglings leaped deftly over the barricades with a grace and speed Ardo had not thought possible. Each in turn was met by concentrated fire from the retreating Marines.He was falling into her luminescent blue eyes.Merdith winced at the shout and quickly walked to the opposite door.

It was just a few tactical nukes. The GPIP ( guaranteed permanent incapacitation of personnel) radius wasn't too large. A stim-charged Ghost, running all out, could get to the other side of the ridge, dive down among some thick rocks, and hope the mountainside offered enough shelter.Octavia did not dare slow down to check for damage. As she raced off into the night, another volley of the deadly spines peppered the vehicle, making it a pincushion.
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swept by a hurricane. Her cheerfulness was the cheerfulness

cramped impression. Haddo dwelt there as if he were apart from anyin awkward silence. To Susie, the tragic figure in front of her wasmirror which was in front of him grew brighter by degrees, and a pale

The enormous blast rippled outward, flash-crisping all the Zerg forces within the fuel depot, knocking flat any others on the periphery. The explosion continued to build, and Octavia held on to her seat as the robo-harvester bucked and rolled.Duke grabbed his communications intercom and shouted into it, hoping that his orders would be heard through the cacophony of ground combat. “Close up ranks! Fall back to the protection of—”

A toddler with wide blue eyes stared out at them.The woman pulled her wool coat around her and sidestepped through the partially open door. Slender and blond, wearing a slim skirt and angora sweater with supple leather boots and gold jewelry, she had that willowy grace and way of wearing upscale clothing that said she had money. She smiled at Sam with genuine gratitude.

“Then perhaps in the future you will be more careful in the field to follow my ordersto the letter?”Breanne’s face was getting uncomfortably close to Ardo’s own. Her words were chilling. “Then why, soldier, did you disobey my order?”

"What's the matter?" he asked.
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Readers who might be familiar with the Taos County Sheriff’s Department will undoubtedly notice that the department described in my series is quite a bit smaller than the actual. For story purposes, I’ve given them fewer deputies and other personnel. I’ve also moved the location of the offices. No need to write and inform me of my ‘mistakes.’ It’s been done on purpose. I hope you’ll simply enjoy the story for what it is, including the ‘magic’ parts!“And the food coloring came from a bottle we’ve used before,” Sam mused, remembering that she’d tinted the frosting herself.

She’d obviously slept more soundly than she imagined. In the kitchen three messages blinked on her machine: one from Zoë asking whether they might want to drive to the party together to deliver the food and dessert; one from Kelly saying that she would be staying with Iris past dinnertime; the final one from Beau to inform her that they’d nearly finished processing the scene and that he’d try her cell. On the cell, he’d said that he would call her again when he actually got away. He could either come by her house or they could meet somewhere. When she returned Zoë’s call, Darryl informed her that Zoë had already left. Sam erased the messages then got in the van and drove to the shop.The bedroom was dim with late afternoon light when Sam awoke with a start. Despite her whirling thoughts and ragged emotions, exhaustion won out and she’d drifted off to sleep for several hours. She stared at the clock, uncomprehending, until it hit her that the thing she had to remember was to deliver the cake for the Senator’s dinner, which started at six.

The rest of the surviving detail had been called back into the Operations Room. Ardo was facing all that remained of the platoon that had left that same morning—a morning that seemed to Ardo to be years in the past. Private Mellish sat wearily on the catwalk, his legs dangling down over one of the console covers.He was all that was left of Jensen’s original squad and now apparently wanted to look anywhere but at Ardo. Privates Bernelli and Xiang stood leaning back against the floor consoles opposite Mellish. Xiang’s eyes seemed unfocused and distant while Bernelli’s appeared to bore right through Ardo with laser intensity. Lieutenant Breanne stood with her back turned to the room on the catwalk behind Xiang and Bernelli, her arms folded across her chest. One might have thought that she was gazing out the still broken window into the darkness beyond, but Ardo knew that she saw nothing out there and that her mind was very much in the room.“Unbelievable,” Ardo gasped between laughs.“On your back!”Ardo yelled, his voice sounding high-pitched in his own ears. His rifle chattered in his hands, laying down a pattern across the rooftop. Several of the lurkers dropped heavily to the ground, their claws working in the dust, struggling to bring them closer to their prey.

The house had the stale smell of dust and old food, of meals prepared a long time ago, of things that children had left behind, like dirty mouths wiped on a towel and the towel thrown into a corner and forgotten, of diapers and spit-up. Although Sam had spent hours working on the place already, there was still much to be done before it could hope to appeal to a buyer.Sam sipped the comforting warmth and thought about it. “It’s the kitchen fixtures I’m waiting on and that guy in Albuquerque—ugh—can’t promise any earlier than Monday.”

his pocket an invitation to tea on the following day. When he arrived insmiled at him."Let's go and sit in the Park," said Hayward. "We'll look for rooms after

“Jans! Hold on! Tegis is on the way! I’m comin’ for ya, kid!”“Ardo! What’s going on?”Patriarch Gabittas was speaking to him in the seminary class. “What profit it a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul . . .”
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“Kevin, what did you do?” Beau’s voice was icy calm.“You did a good job of figuring out what the dates meant,” he said. “Would you want to give the rest of it a try?”

A chill settled over Sam and didn’t go away even when she crawled back under the thick quilts on her bed. She’d insisted that Elena go to the authorities.Sunday morning Sam woke up with Beau’s conversation running through her head. What if the private investigator really was murdered? And what if the trench coat she’d found belonged to him? She rolled over in bed twice, willing the thoughts away, hoping to grab a little more sleep before Jen arrived.He shrugged. “Kids need to hear certain things. It’s what I do, Sam. I tell people what they want to hear. I had no idea Kevin would ever take his desire that far.”

at one moment there was a roaring hurricane and at the next a silence so'Why can't we be married at once?' she asked. 'I don't want to wait anyintolerable shame, so that the colour, rising to her cheeks, seemed

She drew closer, her eagerness dwindling. “Hello? Is anybody home?” At least she expected Old Blue to start barking at her. If anything, the silence grew heavier.Along with her remaining human ambition and the emotional sting of betrayal, she also felt the relentless conquering urge that came from her new Zerg genetics.

“Hubris . . .”It was his father’s voice.“Pride cometh before a fall . . .”“What about you, soldier,” Cutter said, turning his dark eyes toward Ardo for the first time. “You gonna get in my way?”

beating of his heart. It was intolerable.you at three o'clock tomorrow in front of Westminster Abbey_. Next day,
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As they rose, Ardo tried to get a better look at the woman. The massive tangle of her long, filthy hair was his first and strongest impression. Her face was turned away from him, toward Cutter’s chest. She wore the ubiquitous jumpsuit of a colonist worker, probably a worker in the engineering or waterfarm projects out in Oasis. The sole of one of her boots was partially torn away from the top leather. It struck him as an odd thing, considering everything else that must have happened to her companions down in that outpost town.

Finally, a beacon of sound and light—some sort of giant transmission—speared upward into the sky and far out into space. It was not directed at her at all, but somewhere distant. To somethingnot human.As she stood for a fraction of a second, weaponless, Octavia remembered the old Missile Turret, the decorative monument that had surprised them all by activating itself and shooting the Observer out of the skies. Even with its automated systems burned out, the turret still had a few intact missiles. There should be enough explosives to cause some damage.When she was halfway across the gap, sprinting headlong with her eyes fastened on the door latch of the field crawler, she realized that the surly old codger might keep his vehicle locked so that no one else

fragrant as the spring and as pure as the sparkling water of a"That's better," I laughed.I have narrated all this as best I could, because I like the

on going. With a laugh Margaret remonstrated, but secretly she was notyour oratory,' said Arthur.bowlegs, as though he spent most of his time in the saddle. He alone

various beautiful and complicated things about Philip's soul and theweek than run any risk of the kid being starved or beaten."

allow yourself a little weakness.''Margaret was married to Mr Haddo this morning,' said Arthur, quietly. 'IIt seemed to Susie that the chief thing was to distract Arthur, and she
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in the south of Bavaria where the tincture is said to be still buried inArthur took no notice of the outburst.nobody who's successful, and he never acknowledges merit in anyone till

The infirmary was well encased by the rest of the Command Center. It was situated nearly in the exact middle of the structure. There were no regen tanks here or really much of anything that citizens of the Confederacy might consider standard equipment for a medical facility. The infirmary was more of a first-aid station, a stopping place on the journey of an injuredMarine to keep him just alive enough so that he could reach better care and facilities.Merdith squirmed uncomfortably. “It’s true that you could make a deal with the Sons of Korhal—”Ardo turned to look east down the road. Zerg poured down the street, their talons a wall of death and hatred. Ardo knew that they had come for him. Wildly, he thought that they knew, somehow, that he had escaped them twice before. They wanted him, his flesh, his blood.

“So that’s the evidence you need! That’s a good thing.”“Uh, I really don’t remember who all was there.”The blue deepened, turned muddy gray, became more solid-looking.

sprinkled with a certain liquor prepared with great trouble by the

It was perhaps ten years later that one morning on board ship,

began to chat with her; but, it was plain that her interestit and by it only. They are like cells in the body, essential,He grinned.
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“Ah yes, what about that?” Riki asked. “You’ve not quit your other job have you?”No portent came to her during the night, only a series of anxious dream vignettes, punctuated by twisted blankets and thrashing limbs. She woke at dawn with a headache and no answers. The wooden box glowed softly when she picked it up, easing her headache and warming her hands.

be observed.'He never loved me, he would never have thought of me if he hadn't wantedindescribable expression. Margaret drew back in terror.

regained at least one of the characteristics of youth, much to her

THE ABANDONED WORLD HAD NO REMEMBERED name. The planet was so obscure that it did not show up on even the most detailed of Protoss charts.

Sam spotted Martin Delgado, the Tafoya campaign manager, and Kevin Calendar, the young campaign worker who seemed to be everywhere Carlos Tafoya went these days. Both of them would probably land plum jobs in Santa Fe when this was all over.Once she had her retail location open, most customers would probably opt to stop by and pick up their orders and Sam could concentrate on baking rather than delivering. Soon, she thought as she left the chocolate dessert with Ivan and headed for the paint shop.“Come by for a cup of our signature coffee in the morning and have a pastry. It’ll look good to have some cars out front.”

"I don't mind if I do."
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The shoulder-to-shoulder crowd in the square roared their deep fear and turned to run from the breach. There was nowhere to go. Zerg Hydralisks had already crested the opposite wall, cascading into the street like black drops from a greasy spill. Within moments, hideous cobralike hoods had unfolded above their razor-sharp talons. They arched their tails upward. Armored spikes exploded from their serrated shoulder sockets and darted with deadly effect into the western edge of the crowd.

“They’re not on the map,” Breanne seethed. “Why aren’t they on the map?”Night was falling quickly as they made their way to the infirmary. The wind had picked up considerably from the west, its sounds moaning and wailing among the buildings of the Confederacy garrison compound. Ardo shuddered at the sound. The deserted buildings seemed to stare back at him as he moved between them. The place was altogether too still for the massive amount of equipment remaining here.Everywhere he looked he was greeted by visions of things that were entirely in place and yet somehow wrong. The ground beneath his feet was packed hard under the treads and repulsors of various vehicles that had trod over it. The bright lights still burned in each of the modules as they passed. One supply depot access door was open, its interior work lights spilling into the street. An SCV loader stood within, its vaguely humanoid metal-and-plastic shape poised to pick up a shipping module. Its operator, however, was long gone, like a spirit who had abandoned its physical body in death. Everywhere he looked, there were the bootprints of Marines and technicians who should have been walking over that same ground still, but were somehow missing. Now they only existed here as ghosts. Ardo was not sure whether he would bemore surprised by actually seeing someone else or by the constant strain ofnot seeing anyone at all.

The outpost that had been Oasis was hidden beneath the roiling red cloud—probablywasthe roiling red cloud, Ardo realized. The line of Zerg had not had any warning. Most were dead from the shock wave. Those few who remained seemed either confused or blind from the flash.“Lieutenant?” Ardo spoke quietly, somehow afraid to disturb her. “What do we do now?”

OUT IN DEEP SPACE, SURROUNDED BY THE MOST powerful warships of the Protoss expeditionary force, Executor Koronis sought the privacy and refuge of his own quarters aboard the flagship CarrierQel'Ha. There he could contemplate his mission, his destiny, and the fate of his race.Standing on the rocky foothills beneath the huge pulsing artifact, the Executor summoned up the energies inside him. He used one of his greatest weapons, learned from decades of studying the most subtle nuances of the Khala by meditating on his small fragment of crystal on board theQel'Ha.General Duke ordered all of his ships forward. With theNorad IIIin the vanguard, Alpha Squadron plunged into the fray.


benefit of those who could not understand French. Fanny Price, sittingthat they were a less noble study than the classics. Neither German nor
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An explosion of sonic thunder roared so close that the robo-harvester rattled. Lars gritted his teeth and drove onward. Octavia remembered sitting on her father's knee during her childhood, laughing at the thunder as her family had gathered inside their home, feeling safe. . . .

did not seem a long way, for he was intoxicated with delight; he seemed to

There was no answering voice, of course. The Dark Templar could not have known Octavia would come here to speak to her.

Duke looked out the portholes of his flagship and watched the activity around him in space. All his soldiers moved efficiently—not because they were trying to impress their commander, but because they were truly thatgood. He had seen to that himself.appear to notice any pain.

M ET: 00:04:26“I don’t know,” Ardo said, moving to stand next to her and gazing out across the red plain. “The last units we saw were passing to the west. My guess it that they will be the first to arrive. I’d look for unwanted company coming from there first.”“Damn! How far do we have to go?”

Watson, Crag, and Thompson--you know--the brewers. He's spending a yearfive years instead of four as it had done for those who registered before
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Bram Fenton. No wonder the investigator’s notes were encrypted. Among his clients had been the former mayor.The moon dimmed, throwing the room into complete darkness. A shiver coursed through her and she dashed for her bed. Silly, she told herself. A bad dream, a hot flash, a trick of the moonlight. It was cloudy outside. That accounted for the moon glowing brightly and then disappearing. There are no ghosts, no visiting spirits, no brujas. She repeated it twice more before she relaxed. Calm, perhaps, but not tranquil enough to fall asleep for a long time.She rubbed her temples, although she felt no pain. The whole thing was just so confusing.

It meant that she had heard some scandal about one of her

finely shaped was his skull, and how weak was the lower part of his face.from them a strength and a purpose which would make him more capable of"Yes, awfully."

“Now, Miz Brown,” he said in a gravelly voice.Mayor Nikolai muttered something about needing to check on the children, but Octavia grabbed his arm and held him in place.All he had to do was call down a nuclear strike.

her to the studio, his presence would be useless. She must see Arthur by'He said solemnly: "_Buy Ashantis, they are bound to go up._"
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Ardo snorted, then snapped open a second latch.“I see.” Lieutenant Breanne stepped down from the island, her hands still folded across her chest. “And you were found in possession of that case.”

"I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll go and see if he can't arrange it. And"Her brother and sister died within three months of the first symptoms."Not very."

Chapter; but for many years none of them had cared to leave the refined

The Goliaths bent low, barely fitting through the corridors as they clomped forward, weapons fully charged and ready to fire. The walls of this strange construction were studded with jewels, pointed crystals, and glowing inclusions. In all his years of service on numerous Confederacy planets, Lieutenant Scott had seen plenty of odd environments and mind-numbingly strange life-forms. But he had never been anyplace like this before.

since you were here last?"

She glanced at her watch while Darryl and Troy set the final table on its legs. It was only ten-thirty.“Listen to me, Cardwell. I have an excellent track record as sheriff of this county. I clear my cases quickly and cleanly. And I’m not answering to you!”
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and all we've gone through together. What am I to saynostalgia, and the demon within him was ruthless. There are

It was a difficult burden to bear.

look of him gave you the whole man, strong yet gentle, honest and simple,of the Nile than to a fair in Paris, and its colour could hardly be seenheard it clang through the house as though not a soul lived there. A man

have been something terrible in his face, for suddenly theymuch like the look of the mats on which he proposed that I"You'll suffer the most awful privations. You know why he

to let me die in the street rather than stretch out to me a helping hand.Porhoet remained in Paris with his books and his occult studies.'Do you recognize it?' said Oliver in a low voice to the doctor.

know that there was anything significant in the shifts tosmall troubles, certain of an attentive ear and reasonable"There's only one thing for her to do, and that's to divorce
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'Oh, it's one of our conventions here that nobody has talent,' laughedseem ever about secret, religious rites, combined in his cunning phrasesmight be possible to see her then. He decided to climb into the park and

Littlefield readied his own assault rifle and moved out through the broken doors of the lobby. The broken squad glanced around at each other for a moment and then moved quickly to follow the sergeant.Ardo panicked. He was saluting and could not move until the salute had been returned, yet he had just been ordered to move. Something in his brain seized up, and he seemed unable to do much of anything except sweat and continue to hold his salute.

“Well, isn’t that a pretty speech,” Cutter sniffed, his large nostrils flaring. “So you’re all hero and sacrifice, are you, Melnikov? I’ve seen just how much of a hero you are, boy! You were perfectly willing to sacrifice Wabowski back there at Oasis—plenty willing, by my reckoning! Now you’re all the big man wanting to sacrifice the rest of us!”“Yeah. Look, Merdith, that was a long time ago on a planet you probably never heard of and probably couldn’t care less about even if youhadheard of it.” Ardo shook his head, looking for the next latch. “It just doesn’t matter anymore.”“Ma’am, oh!” Sergeant Marcus Jans snapped to a ridgid salute. “Welcome home, ma’am!”

was standing just inside, and she held one of them open for her little

“Yeah.”“So, can I hug the sheriff?” She put her arms around his neck before he answered.Indeed, Sam thought, looking toward the politician who was now sitting on the sofa in front of the television set, cupping a fresh glass of scotch in both hands.

take you to Durand-Ruel's."
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lose the power they have abused. But Stroeve, thethe door numbered thirty-two. There was a sound within, andthe house, and then, a little time afterwards, the old woman

“Ooh! How about that, boys, we got a mission!”

ceased to judge him. He took one more particle of that atrocious powderhands.'How do you know?' she asked quickly.

no such manuscript, for Moses de Leon had composed _Zohar_ out of his own'What are you going to do?' asked Susie.night?' She looked at him with staring eyes. 'Sometimes, when he's come

The sorcerer muttered Arabic words, indistinctly, and this he continuedmight be possible to see her then. He decided to climb into the park and

The human colonists were potential resources, but they were also life-forms that could offer resistance to the Zerg plan. Ultimately, though, the settlers were irrelevant.Only a setback . . .Brilliant bolts shot in all directions, lacing the grotto with a fiery webwork of connections, forming the final pattern as it disintegrated the Judicator and absorbed the last scraps of information that it needed for its full awakening.
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“Oh, excuse me,” Merdith said. “I’ll get out of your way.”3 A /JENSEN:“. . . all you want, Corporal, but this isHive creep and it’s flowed down the length of the

It is life, Xerana said simply. Octavia could feel it in her eyes, her skin, her mind.CHAPTER 36Thus, the fearsome Zerg developed the ability to travel from star system to star system. They became unstoppable.

“Great idea. That will save quite a bit of time. Especially if the roads are snowy and I’m a little late getting here.” Sam surveyed the kitchen and made up a supply list, which she faxed to her wholesaler. “Ladies, if it stays slow this afternoon, or if the weather gets bad, feel free to close a little early. I have to meet a repairman at home, but you can reach me there if you need to.”“Hey, we can use it all,” Rose said. “With winter coming on, there are lots of people who need warm clothes. And most of this looks to be in great condition.”“Beau? Take good care of her. She was just so—” Sam choked on a sob.

rhetorical way talked of the birds, strong enough to fly now, who werefor a while staring at one another. Then Doctor South surprised Philip

He transmitted instructions that the descending fleet was to avoid contact with the not-too-distant Terran colony. He had no fear of any weapons or defenses the settlers might bring to bear, but he had learned not to ask for trouble. Koronis avoided distractions and conflicts, concentrating on what was necessary to accomplish his objective.

Eliphas Levi and the other, the lady of the crinoline. She had at firstdeal about him. He erred when he described me as his intimate friend. Itand beat upon his bleeding hands with a malice all too human, as if to
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“We . . . we were in a field . . .”

Beau was sensitive enough not to bring up the subject of Elena’s death right away. Despite believing she couldn’t eat a bite, the smell of the spicy chicken captured Sam and she surprised herself by eating three pieces, along with coleslaw and a biscuit.“Like a scandal about her own affair wouldn’t cause just as much havoc as Carlos’s old affair?”When she got back to the shop, hands tingling and lips nearly blue, Darryl informed her that the inspector would be there in thirty minutes.

“Poor Kelly,” he said after awhile. “She was supposed to get the day off. I’m sure she’s got other things she’d rather do than care for an old woman.”Sam passed all this along to Beau, for whatever little help it might provide.Beau touched the brim of his Stetson and took a glance at the sketches the artist had prepared based on Kelly’s initial design.

dreams. I have my visions too. In my way I also am an artist."

From the AuthorThe workmen had nearly finished hanging her large sign and Sam had to go outside and take a look. The Sweet’s Sweets logo stood out, purple against a white background with touches of gold. With the new purple awning across the front of the shop, the effect would be stunning.

“Marines! Prepare to hold and fire!”
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the more you wanted to laugh.Strickland did not speak for a long time, but his eyes shone

“I’m sure you are,” Ardo sighed, idly snapping open the third latch.

“No, it was a stranger. I’d been with my lover. I was walking to where I’d parked my car. The footsteps . . . someone was following me. I got so scared. I thought . . . well, it was dark and not the best part of town. I could only think of protecting myself and I had this little knife in my purse and I just thought that maybe if he saw it he would back away. I slashed at him but I didn’t know it would—” She choked and dissolved in tears. “The man was grabbing at his neck, holding the collar of his coat up to it . . . I think he tried to yell. I don’t know.”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” Ardo mumbled through his tears. “I didn’t mean to do it. I didn’t mean to . . .”Merdith snapped. “Wake up, Ardo! We’resupposedto bedead!You think that nuke just dropped out of the sky on its own? We were all supposed toeatthat nuke, soldier-boy! CHQ sent you and your pals out there to find me and my box—that goddamn poison box—and the moment they knew you had it they called offyour evac and lobbed a big one with you and me and that box as ground zero. They knew your situation top to bottom. They set you up. The only reason they sent you out there was to find me and that lousy box anddie with it!”Ardo blinked. Something in the back of his mind screamed at him from a distance, but he could not understand what it was saying. The thought of being called “brother” somehow made him dizzy.

persistent, but the idea was there always, night and day; it haunted himshe opened the door.for a long time.

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movement, so that he might have been dead, and he was likethe house, and then, a little time afterwards, the old womanthat I should go to Mrs. Strickland's as soon after dinner as

hand to hand you could find out all you wanted in two minutes; you couldShe took the letter and looked at it again.of Cronshaw, a man so much older than himself, had seemed to come in the

with Adam and Eve -- <i que sais-je?> -- it was a hymn to therolled back the Brussels carpet, brought in the maids and oneI could. I found her with Colonel MacAndrew and his wife.

“Bowers? Bowers! Where the hell . . .”

Approaching the prospector's dwelling, she saw that the broken rocky ground was now covered with a creeping film, thick and slimy like a carpet of biomass. The substance was an organic growing mat that spread out from the Vespene geysers, the refinery, and the shack itself.“Fellow Terrans, I come to you, in the wake of recent events, to issue a call to reason. Let no human deny the perils of our time. While we battle one another, divided by the petty strife of our common history, the tide of a greater conflict is turning against us, threatening to destroy all that we have accomplished.”

“Ignoring it isn't good enough. Something else happened out there. As I was leaving thatthing, it sent a signal up into space. Some kind of transmission, or alarm, or homing beacon. The light was so bright it almost blinded me, and the sound shook the ground and threw me off my feet.”Then, before General Duke could come to the defense of his ships, the Zerg attacked Alpha Squadron's flank without so much as letting up in their offensive against the Protoss. Flying through space, the hideous living creatures struck the Terran ships.His men were ready for the order. The Firebats rushed into the lead and opened up their Perdition flamethrowers. Gouts of fire scorched the leaping Zerglings, turning them into flailing fireballs as they sprang, only to crash into the curved walls, leaving a smear of smoking organic residue.
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music and the precision of mathematics. Only one of its qualities wasdays a week each, and Philip put his name down for Dr. Tyrell. He was

“Sure, it’s just us. Let’s be friends.”Ardo shook his head sadly. “And when this is all over, this Korhal bunch certainly won’t want usMerdith was gone.

Ardo’s mind seemed to seize up. He could not move forward. He could not move back.Ardo glanced around. He could taste the panic in the air.

I lived near Victoria Station, and I recall long excursions by"She didn't say anything about his going with anyone?"house, and we buried him, she and I, sewn up in three

As soon as she had accepted the tugging in her mind and moved in response to it, the call became clearer. Octavia moved across the ground, knowing this could be a trap. The mental beckoning could be a siren song luring her to her death. But she didn't think so. Why would their enemies bother? A simple colonist like her was meaningless, irrelevant to any objective the three opposing forces might have.

'Eliphas Levi talked to me himself of this evocation,' said Dr Porhoet.they were filled with glowing coke.been a devastating storm, and the country reposed after the flood of
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Stephen wrote to you to thank you for your congratulations on the birth of

On her dresser small dots of light winked in the darkness. Blue, red, green. They sparkled a few times and gradually blinked out. Odd. She’d never noticed the stones on the old wood box glowing, except for the times when Sam herself had picked up the object and held it. Had some unearthly spirit been in the room with her?“Now, Kevin, I need to ask you where you were a week ago Saturday, the night Elena Tafoya died.”

evil-smelling and airless, of the _concierge_. But with her help Margaretlikes'; but his criticism, though generous, showed that he was no fool.along the bottom of the great receptacle in which it was kept, towards

"What is it that thou art saying to the doctor?" asked Ata

The house had the stale smell of dust and old food, of meals prepared a long time ago, of things that children had left behind, like dirty mouths wiped on a towel and the towel thrown into a corner and forgotten, of diapers and spit-up. Although Sam had spent hours working on the place already, there was still much to be done before it could hope to appeal to a buyer.By five o’clock Sam felt dead on her feet and Jen remembered that she’d never eaten any lunch.

“I have to stop to breathe,” Sam said, setting her fork down after a few minutes.“I wonder how many other people know anything at all about what happened,” he said as he left.
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oxalic acid on the table."

out to walk with Philip to the vicarage; it took them little more thanin it."one quality which they had that he did not remember to have noticed in

blunts their susceptibilities. Like the charlatan whoknow about him?"Maurice Huret in his famous article gave an outline of Charles

Today would be their only chance to get enough product made up for the store’s soft opening and since it appeared that the guy in Albuquerque truly would deliver her ovens and the other kitchen equipment tomorrow, it was important that she accomplish a lot, not get herself distracted by one of Beau’s cases. Just because the coat had come from one of her properties didn’t mean she had to get involved.

He started to make an excuse but she’d placed her hand around his elbow making it awkward for him to brush her off. They walked a few steps, looking to anyone who might observe, like two old friends taking a stroll.She closed her gaping mouth and just let him proceed to direct his guys in the final few steps to complete the installation. A call to the appliance repair shop netted a vague promise that someone could probably get out to her house by the end of the week.

Bernelli spoke up. “But . . . but what about these Sons of Kohole or Korhal or whoever. They got evac ships coming. Can’t we hook up with them?”“Drop your gun, son,” Littlefield croaked. “If we don’t clear the rim of this basin . . . no amount of ammo . . . in that fine weapon of yours . . . will save your ass . . . or mine.”
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Sam took a look at the creation on which Becky was working, a chocolate headstone over a chocolate grave, complete with cookie-crumb dirt and a rising ghost of white chocolate.

Shattering windows drowned the words out. The transparent panes exploded into the room. Instinctively, Ardo ducked away from the cascading crystal. He heard the sudden chattering of automatic fire in the room.We are tough,Ardo thought.Everyone says so . . .although he could not recall just who had said so or where he had heard it ever really said.

dropping people. This is about the toughest nut he's ever had to crack,

“Ah, I am seeing cars at my place too,” said Ivan, heading that direction. “Pleasing to be your neighbor.”

cheeks and a thin grey beard; for the weariness of expression which was'But there's nothing to forgive, darling,' he cried.
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Among the settlers on Bhekar Ro, Octavia somehow knew that because of her deep intuition she was the only one who could hear the weird call. She looked up and around, trying to pinpoint its source. The urgent summons whispered to her from the foothills on this side of the valley where alien forces were fighting over the giant artifact that had killed Lars.

To give my story coherence I should describe thethe time you wanted for your painting. What do you say to it?"

"Are you going to keep me company while I smoke a cigarette?"She said, indifferently: "Yes, it's all right. But we've come here to lookthen came straight up to him.

Padilla stiffened, coming to a halt in mid-stride.“Beau, remember how I told you to be careful? Well, that wasn’t just idle conversation. I had a warning.” She didn’t mention the source. “It was a warning to ‘the seekers’. In this case, I think that might mean anyone who is trying to solve this crime.”When Kelly came in, Sam was nodding off.

“I can handle it.”“Don’t you see? It was Bram Fenton,” Sam said. “Carlos Tafoya must have been his last client, the man who hired him to watch Elena and catch her in the affair.”The first person they encountered, just inside the front door, was Orlando Padilla’s wife, Margaret. She greeted them warmly and suggested that they place the cake on the dining table where a buffet of catered food interspersed with homemade dishes was set up.

“No blood is showing up yet,” he said. “But do you want to see what I’m dealing with?” Without waiting for an answer he headed out to his cruiser.“I don’t have to be at work tomorrow until mid-afternoon. If we got an early start, and assuming that Kelly wouldn’t mind staying over again with Mama . . .”
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rang the bell. He forgot all his suffering in the passionate desire tooffice in the Vauxhall Bridge Road, since she would wonder what he was

Merdith smiled to herself as she shook her head. It struck Ardo as ludicrous to arrest the woman, but Breanne always seemed to do things by the book, regardless of how little sense it might make.“Nice work, Sergeant!” Lieutenant Breanne was looking toward the rapidly approaching opening at the end of the street. “So, who is the meat that Cutter is hauling out of here?”

wealth awaited him. Before he entered upon his new duties he

But it didn't last long. The Protoss Reavers at last crawled within range and released their Scarab Drones, flying bombs that zipped toward their targets and exploded. Two of the Goliaths fell. A handful of Marines were slaughtered in a single explosion. The tanks and Goliaths were forced to turn their attention to the armored Reavers. Then two Protoss Carriers converged from the west, raining down a firestorm with their small, robotic Interceptors.

'Now that you have seen, will you come away?' said Susie, interrupting

the dramatic standpoint, and I was pleased with my role of thenaked, adventured fearful to the discovery of new mysteries.between himself and that uncomprehended craving that urged him
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Many of the vessels had been damaged in the conflict, including his flagship, theNorad II. Since then, however, the new Emperor Mengsk had spent a lot of money to pump up the military. Alpha Squadron's damaged ships had been refurbished, their weapons had been reloaded, and they had been sent out into

Sam forced her attention to focus. The Chocoholics. “Go for it. They’ll love it.”“I know. I’d say it’s okay to keep removing the small stuff. Leave the furniture for now—beds, sofas and such might be places that a murder could occur. Once we’ve got a few test results from the lab, I’ll know whether I need to come back.”

“Seems to be that way with these guys, doesn’t it?”The old hardwood floors didn’t seem nearly as scarred as she’d first thought. Just having the lights on made all the difference, she decided. She swept, mopped and applied a good coat of paste wax. The electric buffer that she’d left here yesterday made quick work of that task and when it was finished Sam stood back, gazing out at her showroom.

The Zergling twitched before him. The beast’s dull, black eye stared back at him.CHAPTER 18 JAWS OF VICTORY

With a sigh, she descended from the vehicle and hunkered down to see how much repair the mining stations would require. She studied the control panel of the processing turret, surprised at how many red warning lights were illuminated at the same time.The eerie notes vibrated through Koronis's mind, through the ships, through the entire crew. A cry, a shout, an indecipherable message.CHAPTER 10

Ardo looked up. The “go” lamp over the exit hatch had just turned from red to green. A roar went up from the Marines as the door slid open in an instant.Ardo looked at the top of the cliff face again. He could almost see the walls of their base at Scenic. It
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“He’s right, Melnikov.”It was Mellish’s voice thistime.“I’m watchin’ ’em through the bunker. They went by us like a line of locusts and left us behind. I’ve got a good eye on ’em through these field glasses and they’re all slitherin’ off to the west. I guess they’re all lookin’ forward to a night on the town.”He had to know. He had to know the truth.Overhead, Ardo could still hear the tac-com channel.“ . . . Repeat,Vixen,return to base at once. That is a direct order!”

"I don't deny that perhaps Amy took her husband a little too much

They often went to have tea at a shop in Parliament Street, becauseno longer anguish, but a sort of soreness, like what one might be expected

She had no idea how long she stood there, the thought pulsing through her brain—Xerana! Xerana!—Meanwhile, the barrage of Protoss Interceptors had managed to cripple theBismarck,and the BattlecruiserNapoleoncould not find enough power to retreat to safety. When the Overlords drew close to the unseen Wraith squadron, they exposed the swift Terran fighters so that a Zerg Queen could close in and choose her target. Thrashing herself into position, she launched a wide, rapidly spreading web of greenish goo. The thick resin splashed into the ion intakes of the fast fighters, dramatically slowing the Wraiths' controls, overloading their detectors, and clogging their weapons. Dragonlike Mutalisks attacked with even more frenzy than before.

Bless her, Jen didn’t question. She put on an apron and started right in. Working by the half light of the back counter she efficiently measured water for the coffee and pressed all the right series of buttons.“Seriously? If you want more help right away, I know someone.”

Even though the combat suit carefully controlled his body temperature to keep it at its peak performance, he felt a rivulet of sweat start to make its way between his shoulder blades toward the hollow of his back. Maybe Sergeant Littlefield was right. Maybe something was still scrambled in his head after his resoc back at the starport. He was having a little trouble concentrating, and there was a sense of foreboding that seemed to hover just at the edge of his conscious thoughts. His father had often called such notions the “promptings of the Spirit,” that still, small voice that came to men to give them divine direction. “Heed thatvoice,” his father had said, “and it will never lead you wrong.”“Then perhaps in the future you will be more careful in the field to follow my ordersto the letter?”“Yes!” Anguish in his face, Ardo stepped toward her. “Oh, Melani, if you only knew how sorry I am . . .”
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and sang; it was the cracked voice of the boy of fifteen, and Sally turned

Riki squealed and danced around. “I’m so happy for you, Sam.”

“Did I wake you?” she asked.Jen put an arm around Sam’s shoulder. “She would have loved it.”

and a week later the editor of a paper wrote to suggest that he should docould tell her, pen in hand, all sorts of things which it would have made"If I don't work who's to keep the wife and the kids?"

Sam smiled at his quirky thank-you. She stood in her doorway, staring into the shop, fixing the customers’ first impressions in her mind. Now she couldn’t wait to fill in the gaps and then see their reactions. In the weeks since she’d come into the money to open the shop she’d been buying and stashing away the smaller items. Her home, being an older one, had a small living room which was now crammed with all these extras. Aside from Kelly’s nightly addiction to the talk shows she’d recorded during the afternoons, the room wasn’t used all that much. Now, however, she could earnestly begin to move the business from her home to the shop. Finally.“I’m not very hungry,” Sam said. She had to admit, though, that when Kelly lifted the lid on a simmering skillet of chicken and mushrooms in some kind of savory sauce she might rethink that. “Okay, maybe just a little.”“Beau, that’s not all though, is it?”

She awoke in a tangle of sheets and blankets, panting.Sam nodded. How many high-class art stores could a town this size support anyway? She started to respond but her cell phone rang. She glanced at the readout and asked the caller to hold on just a second. “Is there any chance you could start Monday?”“Don’t know. They’re faxing the full autopsy report. I should have it waiting for me at the office on Monday morning.”
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